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small orange square Woke up very refreshed this morning; a good sound sleep. When I went to work out, I got to the military gym right at opening (6AM), but the swift beat me to the treadmills, so rather than the tedium of the Versa-Climber like last time I went over to the NASA gym to jog - wanted to run so bad! (I described both of these venues in detail before.)

small green square My brother N sends along the URL for an infuriating and scary article <1> from The Nation about how local, state & federal LEOs are financing their operations via the blatantly unconstitutional Drug War forfeiture regulations. I responded with a pointer to the current "Rolling Stone" <2> which has an article about how D.A.R.E. doesn't work, and how those who point this out are silenced. Plus, I read a typically great Jon Katz essay today on the trampling of Monica Lewinsky's rights by the media and LEOs. More and more obviously the villainous, slimy Kenneth Starr assumes Joe McCarthy's rôle in our time - one can almost taste (with relish) the foul end he'll come to. Conclusion? As the slogan goes, "If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention".

small red square Went to pick up my new spectacles in Palo Alto after work - and they still weren't right! I was very apologetic as I returned them - the third time'll be the charm, I trust. (I'm rarely this demanding, but these particular "designer" glasses are costing me over $500, so I'm not playing my usual pushover.) En route paused for yakitori & raw fish at the Sushi House - there were a couple incredibly gorgeous Stanford coeds there, with there unkempt dates - I stared <3> like the lech I've become... just couldn't help it!

small cyan square T reports seeing "...a guy yesterday at a busstop in Sausalito with his hat on backwards, shading his eyes with outstretched hand. A slave to fashion, I think." My assessment would not be nearly as kind as his.

LEO - Law Enforcement Organization

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<1>March 9, 1998: "Robbocops: The Nation Busts Dirty Drug Enforcement" When the practice of asset forfeiture was first introduced into the war against drugs, it seemed like a great idea. But now, The Nation warns, graft is running rampant. Innocent people are being hurt as the drug-busting task forces who benefit from forfeiture improperly seize assets with "no connection to any drug transaction." What has happened to the drug war's "good guys"? Back

<2>I've avoided this magazine since the early 1970's, but this issue's cover caught my eye at the supermarket check-out line. Back

<3>...actually, I think my behavior was only a tad over the line of what would be considered impolite - and one of 'em was getting off on the attention, provoking me. Back