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small gray square New sonic annoyance - a boy who lives towards the rear of the building opposite is trying to learn that weightless skateboard trick, where they jump up and the board follows along, like it's glued to their shoes. I don't know how they do it, and this kid hasn't figured it out yet either, even once he does, wotta racket. I think his mother limits him to this concrete apron between our two buildings, that shared driveway we all use to access our covered parking spaces.

small cyan square What a pleasure riding my bike has become - went for several short rides - the sunny daytime air warm like springtime here. Completed the restoration by taping up the handlebars with black, covering the once-white beneath. New cloth tape feels great. The ride is now absolutely quiet and practically steady, much more so than what I've been used to. That's the trouble with that kind of erosion - it creeps up on you so slow you don't realize it's happening - you'll tolerate amazing things when they change slowly. My health right now is dubious; this cold is lingering with congestion but I did manage to run at the gym this morning.

small red square Certain appliances are rebelling:

  • The Technics discman won't play unless I keep its lid firmly shut. For a weight I use my bottle of Pachinko balls - quarter-inch steel spheres from the Japanese game parlors. There's always a few on the floor; I made a game of collecting a bunch.
  • The button on this new LED bike-light is on the fritz - I can only switch between steady and flashing; have to take it apart and pull batteries to switch it off.
  • The car's speedometer, blessedly quiet for weeks, even in the cold, is announcing its presence again. (Cold weather, speeds above 25, loud rasping noise)

small yellow square New Chris Ware at the comics shop, Acme #11. The bleak life of Jimmy Corrigan continues to fleshed out in intricate detail. Nothing else of interest on the newsstand for quite a while.... Just heard a public broadcasting thing of radio history. I thought Jack Benny had the distinction, but they said it was Amos & Andy who was most popular in the Golden Age. Said the black press of the day was evenly split in reaction: half loved it and the other half hated it.

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"If something can't go on forever, it will stop."
Herbert Stein of the American Enterprise Institute

LED - Light Emitting Diode
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