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small white square Sometimes I wonder if I've been unknowingly recruited by some race of superior beings, like the Talosians, who are totally mental and rarely move but have a rich inner life nevertheless and they crave real-world stimulation. They manipulate me into traveling to scenic places getting involved in novel situations and can experience what's happening by tapping into my own senses. Maybe they're Angels? Directing me occasionally to their old house?

small gray square Ohhh, still feeling awful from this cold. I thought it was receding, instead my symptoms are mutating. Still too much congestion, although the nose isn't as runny as it was several days ago. Today I woke up with a headache and some coughing - a lethal combination since each cough briefly intensifies the head pain. <1> Went home at lunch and made chicken noodle soup, then lay down for a bit. Why pretend to work? Can't concentrate with a head like this... took an Esgic, and am feeling better. Other symptom - chills. Hey, this isn't the flu, is it? I got a shot to avoid that misery this year!

small green square Happened to see a bit of the "Regis and Kathy Lee" program and nausea was my only reaction. How can anybody stand their schtick? He's this smarmy, arrogant New Yorker-dickhead who believes what he says is meaningful, while she's this archaic bimbo decoration who talks but says nothing. Pardon me while I gag. (Apologies to G who maintains a "school-spirit" loyalty WRT Kathie Lee since he claims somebody in his yearbook with a different name is she. He's upset when I have difficulty distinguishing between Kathie Lee Gifford and Cathy Lee Crosby. <2>)

small purple square Here's a dumb question: Is Jessie Ventura (and Ross Perot)'s Reform party related to the Reform Party of Canada? Of course not, I guess I'm being ridiculous... Just heard over the radio from the Minnesota gubernatorial inauguration - Arnold Schwarznegger was there, hailing Jessie's magnetic personality.

small violet square As an indicator of how things are finally loosening up in another direction, there's talk now of a pair of exhibition games between the Baltimore Orioles and the Havana team, (the Sugar Kings?) the first game to be held there; the next, here.

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small orange square Somewhere in the Washington Post today I read a journalist say this about current affairs: "Understand: I am not talking about a good movie, the house blows but rather one of those things they show on the walls at railroad terminals." How's that again? What movies are those?

    Kiss me once
    Kiss me twice
    Come on pretty baby
    Kiss Me Deadly!
      - Lita Ford (1988) <3>

Talos IV - planet in the "Star Trek" pilot "The Cage"
WRT - with respect to
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<1> Each cough a burst of pain which feels like an enormous hand squeezing my skull - no, not really; maybe if the hand was inside my skull, but they say there's no nerves in the brain to feel such a violation. Such a weird topic reminds me of the one funny line in an awful movie L and I got at the video store. This was the experience where I learned that the unknown find which sounds good from the box - well, it might be some undiscovered treasure, but odds are this is one of a great many tapes which should be degaussed as a public service, a defense against mediocrity. The film was "Surfin' II" and the scene is a coach-type with some hoodlums and he says "If I need any more shit out of you I'll squeeze your head!"

<2> ...about whom I have at least a second-hand Hollywood anecdote, told to me by an insider who now only does the occasional commercial to keep his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) membership valid. Seems he was in prep for some filming with Cathy Lee, and on the set met a fetching model who introduced herself as "Cathy Lee's legs" - she'd be on camera in any scenes below-the-belt!

<3> If your reaction to this is "What's that? and you have RealAudio click here for a sample.