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small red square There's something mildly alarming with my hearing. It just happened again, so I may as well document it. Every so often (weekly, monthly?) the signal from one ear suddenly gets all muffled, accompanied by a faint ringing - sorta like somebody clapped a styrofoam cup over my ear. Then, some moments later, the volume comes back up on that channel, and I'm hearing normal again. A little later, a repeat episode, not as severe. Why it do? Should I be alarmed? Perhaps bring it up tomorrow when I'm surrounded by modern medicine, horizontal in the OR? It's been happening for a long time.

small green square Soon I must begin the pre-op fast, and it won't hurt much tomorrow but the next day & the next week it's gonna be like I stepped on the soldering iron. The anesthesiologist just called for a little chat - my screaming the last time unnerved the doctor, apparently, so I think he's insisted that they sedate me this time. I told my guy no, really and then maybe half? but he said "well we'll just play it by ear" - tomorrow morning for about twenty minutes this guy's gonna have the power to send me all the way down, just by turning a knob... I was only screaming then when the doctor gave me the big shot in my feet, the local - I didn't feel anything after that, and smelled my own flesh burning in the laser's focused beam as I talked with the nurse. It's a lot to go through to remove a nodule that's really merely the size of a pencil erasure - a used one. Untreated, it will grow to what'll feel like there's a ball bearing right in the middle of my shoe.

small orange square On Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" yesterday she interviewed James Woods, who will play O in the movie of my life; and tonight she's got the amusing Al Franken. He's somehow involved in a fictionalized presidency of himself - I'm a little unclear on that concept; more information forthcoming on that activity. I can generally relate to his world-view - when asked what he thought of culture wars and the impeachment he said that "Bob Barr [R-Ga] in 1969 was the guy who didn't like me because I had long hair".

small purple square After absorbing a long letter my brother J let me preview, which he plans to send our parents, I called him to discuss it. With his wife J on the other line we talked everything over. It addresses difficulties in family communications and etc. One phrase he used I liked especially was:

"There are things which lose their value if they need to be requested."
A bit later I called back to express forgotten birthday wishes for his twins, who are two today (and were actually asleep).

small yellow square Still no solution to the Big Problem at work, but only minimal pressure for a solution so it's great - for me just an exercise: "Learning to Use Break Points".

OR - Operating Room
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