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small gray square Scene from my quarters this rainy Tuesday evening:

President Bill is on my green screen; he's Stating the Union and for lots of it I've had the audio set to a different source but I just switched back and he just "...welcomed all Americans, whether their ancestors arrived via the Mayflower or space ships, at Ellis Island or LAX..." I had a bowl of roasted vegetables, fresh from the oven in my cast-iron wok, and I was eating them with clunky Chinese chopsticks (the real bamboo kind).

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small orange square Back to the podiatrist yesterday. He removed the enormous dressing I'd been slogging around in all weekend, and revealed the crater he created Thursday; looked big to me, even deeper than the previous, but on the contrary he said it didn't hurt so bad because it wasn't as deep. From now on I just cover the wound with band-aids.

small violet square Interesting factoid from today's Salon: "GeoCities' member pages alone claim 8% of the content on the Web." Elsewhere an article in "Feed" about "Levi"s new `Truth' ad campaign almost compelled me to visit their site, but I suppressed that urge. You've probably, but I haven't caught any of their new ads, on television or elsewhere. Am I dangerously isolated?

small cyan square Long talk with B today. She's got a new boyfriend, seems promising and she's glad there's been no sign of the previous one for a month now (he became a stalking nightmare when she let him go). The ease with which she finds new partners amazes me; she's suggested that I do a personal ad (something she herself has not done).

small yellow square Y2K Spotlight

"Time"s cover story: tried, but couldn't get into it - my reaction was "nothing new". If you're interested you can access it here. The better article might be the "Utne Reader"s - I haven't read that either but I like this recent "Salon" reaction to their "Y2K Citizen's Action Guide". (Says that "Culturally, Y2K could turn the long-simmering irony vs. passion debate into, literally, Armageddon.") And while I'm passing out Y2K links, check this one for humor. It's courtesy of my big boss in New Jersey, who has unfortunately entered that cyber-newbie phase of joke-forwarding.

small purple square G sends this image he shot at home with his new digital camera. Did I do that? According to my records this temari is #141, from October 1995. Its core is a golf ball, unlike the usual styrofoam. I stopped counting after #150 - production was way down then; it's practically zero now. temari ball

LAX - Los Angeles International airport
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