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small white square From a review by Paul Tatara, somewhere on this web page:

"... there certainly is easy money at the box office, but I suspect that "Virus" will have to wait for its allotment when it comes out on video. That should be in about, oh, six minutes."
I'm having a lot of difficulty swallowing the assumptions in this quote. If the movie was bad, why would people rent the video, when they avoided buying its cinema tickets? I guess I have nothing in common with the mindset of the browser at the video store. Whenever I'm inside one of those places, it's very mission-specific: Do they have the movie I want? I can't imagine selecting something unknown - is there really this multitude of tape-renters who can make up the profit losses on bad productions?

small orange square The barbecued chicken looked good at the cafeteria, but a glance at the salad bar selection revealed that tofu was available today - it's a tie-breaker, so I had my usual salad instead of the chicken. Starting with just a bit of greens (using spinach if available), I add a few kidney and/or garbanzo beans, the requisite cruciferous broccoli and cauliflower, some of the chopped mushrooms, some red (and maybe yellow) pepper slices (but if there's any green in the mix it's carefully avoided), a little cottage cheese and a small scoop of tuna salad <1>, a bunch of the miniature corns-on-the-cob, some sprouts, an artichoke heart or two, and five cherry tomatoes. <2> Plus the irregular cubes of tofu, which get a hefty drizzle of Kikkoman soy from the condiment bar. (Today there's neither spinach nor broccoli available.) That's it - no dressing, vinegar, grated cheese, croutons, bacon bits or ground pepper - this with a hunk of bread has been my habitual at-work lunch for a year now.

small blue square Speaking of work, my hopes for implementation of my easy solution to the Big Problem were dashed today - it's going to be much more complex, but now I've gotten one of the major players interested in my dilemma so I'm at last getting the guidance I've needed.

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<1> ...from the sandwich section, which costs a little more per ounce, so some would find this inclusion morally unacceptable

<2> MUST be five. This is another example of my numerophilia.