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small gray square Was almost time for an oil change, and the engine light's been on for a while, so I let 'em have my car down to the local Toyota dealer. Got it back with the only noticeable difference being the engine light out, for OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS! Ya gotta trust 'em to a degree, but this is ridiculous, highway robbery. Absolutely the last time for the dealer - the vehicle's eight years old now, time to be weaned. Didn't I say that last time?

small red square The foot hurts like the devil. Naturally, from last week's surgery - when I walk at any but the slowest speeds, my foot clenches up and I limp. I've had to use it a lot today - walks to & from the bus stops, and even breaking into a short sprint to the waiting bus, which then kept on waiting. (Doh!)

small green square The current working environment reminds me of school. The building, like most of my schools, was constructed in the 1940's. The patterns of the linoleum floor tiles are very familiar, just as the green "marble" linoleum steps in the stairwells. I'm sure there used to be incandescent lamps illuminating the hallways, but those were replaced with fluorescents long ago. The fixtures in one of the men's rooms are practically antique.

small yellow square Called my parents since it's my mother's birthday. Talked some, but more with my Dad - nothing heavy.

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