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small red square I mentioned Kikkoman shoyu (soy sauce) recently - it's really the only choice, and I have a related anecdote which has an oblique tie-in with this journal's name. After my first fight to Japan, as I walked through a Narita hallway with my fellow passengers, I noticed a message board and the top name was Stevie Wonder! Could he have been aboard, in the KAL 747's First Class upper deck? Yes! Because here he came, near the head of an entourage. At this point I was in one of the queues to show my passport, standing directly in the path of this oncoming group. I stepped back to give them room, and the Wonder-man passed right before me - I could've touched him (which would've probably provoked an unpleasant reaction from the huge guy with his hand on Stevie's elbow). I'd like to report that I leaned forward and said "Skyscrapers... & everthang" as he passed within earshot, but I was hardly together enough for such wit after the nine hours it takes to cross the Pacific from LA. He was led away, through a special door - later I heard that Kikkoman had commissioned him to write their new corporate song, which was just being premiered - I assume that was the reason he was there.

small cyan square Speaking of premieres, I see by the advertising (esp. billboards) that the "Dilbert" show's first telecast happens on my birthday. Could be terrible, but might be good, at least initially.

small yellow square Finished reading Clifford Simak's City. Previously I mentioned the robots and the Dogs, and what happened to Man; but I'd forgotten all about the ants and the cobbly worlds, and what happened to Geneva: like Diaspar <1>, another last and only city at the end of human time.

small orange square Sounds:
Listening to this Harry James record, over and over - especially the vocals: "I'm Beginning to See the Light" and "It's Been a Long, Long Time" by Kitty Kallen; and "I'll Get By" by - Dick Haymes! That Harry James was something else. I got this greatest hits record years ago to dig his horn-playing, but since then I've grown to love its vocal tunes.

small blue square I wish I was in LA tonight, instead of being stuck up here.

KAL - Korean Air Lines
LA - Los Angeles
Narita - NRT: the Tokyo International airport, way outside town near the village of Narita
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<1> read about it in Arthur C. Clarke's The City and the Stars and / or Against the Fall of Night