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small green square Yesterday morning, Saturday, I called up the KFJC soundtrack show DJ about something he played two weeks ago, and he told me all about it and I got my recording off the air... the source is "The Sound of Music", but this is a mix of the film's dialogue and musical fragments (from "The Lonely Goatherd") with some Dutch techno fading in and out. He said it was a limited release of 600 three-inch disks; no chance I'll get one - and he played it next, by request. I remember a similar situation from long ago, when my brother N got my a copy of "Warm Leatherette" off WMUC that way, by his direct request to DJs there & then who happened to be the two guys I wrote about here.

small gray square I sat in a frigid cinema and endured several false starts, but eventually saw "The Graduate" in a Palo Alto "classic film series" matinee today - I went mostly for spotting landmarks familiar to me now, but unknown the other times I saw this movie (in the early 1970s). For example at one point "Moe's Books" is visible through a window in Berkeley - remember my shopping there last September? Another reason to go was this vinyl that's been with me since the beginning of this second Californian experience. <1> A ripple of recognition ran through the crowd when Mrs. Robinson said "I am not trying to seduce you" - a line we heard often in mid-1996, the Bayside Boys mix of the "Macarena". One of my favorite parts of the film was the gruff character who runs the boys' boarding house in Berkeley, Mr. McGuire, who said:

"I want you out of here."
Turns out the actor who played him, Walter Brooke, had quite a checkered career - how about his credit for "The Andromeda Strain": "corpse floating in water"? I'm guessing that wasn't a speaking role.

DJ - disk jockey
KFJC - 87.3 Los Altos Hills
WMUC - 88.1 College Park
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<1> During my early '97 migratory drive cross-country I soundtrack album cover found a like-new copy of "The Graduate" soundtrack for 50¢ in the Atlantic, Iowa "Goodwill" store. For those five Spartan months I lived without the bulk of my gear (like, my turntable) it was one of the few objects in my space: that familiar image of Benjamin in the Taft Hotel room with her horizontal leg. What makes this record desirable are certain tracks which Columbia excludes from the Simon and Garfunkel compilations, especially the "hard" version of "Mrs. Robinson".