This machine was all the rage during my 2004 visit -- I saw it everywhere, even caught a news bit about it on the television, interviewing players and detailing the various features. An assortment of sea creatures swim by on the built-in monitor, including a very peculiar crab, with enlarged human/anime eyes. Below is a Kyoto pachinko parlor, with exterior advertising for this unit. Previously, I assumed there was a lot of variety in pachinko machines, but any given pachinko parlor does have only one model, at any given time -- mighty boring, when you consider it -- imagine a video or pinball arcade where all the machines are the same. But until this trip, I thought different parlors had different machines... maybe some homogenizing consolidation has occured among the pachinko companies.

Not everybody plays pachinko -- in the 'proletarian' Shinsekai area of Osaka, I noticed this archaic pinball arcade -- still, all the machines are the same.
For more information, see
Pachinko - Japan's National Pastime by Elizabeth Kiritani, from Mangajin #34
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