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Oct 25 - Travel on Korean Air, The Longest Day. Evening in Shinagawa, after long bus ride from Narita.

Oct 26 - Morning exploring Tokyo Station, afternoon return after donning shorts and my contacts for my first moments on the Ginza. Evening in Akihabara, but it was all closed up - must return.

Oct 27 - Morning in Shibuya, then back to Akihabara - amazing. What weird speakers! Then another jaunt around Tokyo station to Nihon-bashi, bridge and department stores. Back to Shibuya to stand in awe of the night-lights - especially the Tokyu department store facade.

Oct 28 - A day of Shrines. After unnecessary journey to Tokyo to buy Kyoto ticket, visit to the 47 ronin shrine at Sengakuji. Then first subway ride, to Asakusa, for stroll down Nakamise shopping street to the Senso-ji (Temple). Over to Ueno for Museum visit in the park. It began to rain - rainy evening bento in Tabata, visit to Fuji Jinja shrine of Fuji-ko after Tokaku-ji shrine with Akagami (red paper) Nio. Then the Ginza lights.

Oct 29 - After return visit to Sengakuji shrine for souvenir trinkets, bag drag through Shinjuku to find ¥5000 hotel room. Then Yoyogi Park at Harajuku. "It was like a piece of a storm". The weirdest thing I've experienced so far. Then Mejiro for view of Tokyo's last trolley while enjoying Key coffee in the early evening. Finally, back to Shinjuku for Kabuki-cho exploration, with supper of takoyaki.

Oct 30 - After making arrangements to return to my Shinjuku business hotel, left for Kyoto on the bullet train. Departure was marked by enthusiastic youth group tossing the lucky one into the air. After arrival and hotel ensconcement, first city bus ride. Kyoto seems to have a shrine/temple wherever you turn around. Evening stroll along the charming Pontocho, with elegant sushi bar sashimi dinner.

Oct 31 - Halloween in Kyoto, but who would know? Watched Czeck pro-democracy demonstrators truncheoned on TV while enjoying continental breakfast, Japanese-style (Kohee Toasta), then embarked on the bus to Arashimiyama to see the many shrines and temples. Photography fun at Tenru-ji temple with the schoolgirls, then Keifuku tram ride to a working-man's unagi lunch. After the Kyoto Handicraft Center (like a department store) moved on to the Kiyomizu temple, where more photo opportunities resulted in my giving out my address - what will this provoke? Hobbled down the Sannen-zaka slope, 'cause my right knee's really hurting, and checked in to the Yuhara Ryokan. The pleasure curve's going through the roof now. Dinner at an okonomiyaki-ya, then a real ofuru.

Nov 1 - A day of confusion with knee-pain, marked by a view of Fuji-yama from the returning shinkansen and the ascent of Tokyo Tower. Then an unagi dinner near the Hotel Shwier.

Nov 2 - And home again.

bento - meal served in compartmentalized box
takoyaki - octopus balls
ryokan - traditional inn okonomiyaki - vaguely like pancakes
-ya - restaurant
ofuru - bath
unagi - eel
shinkansen - limited express (ie bullet train)
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