Who is Tirade?

Tirade is a friendly broccoli, as long as you don't make him mad by speaking about things like boiling water. If you arouse his anger, he'll smack you with his stems and you'll see why his name is Tirade. We generally don't accept the concept of broccoli as a food item at Wunderland.

Tirade has 50 dollars that he guards carefully. He tried to spend it all on candy and gum once, but he's not a very smart shopper and he got such a pathetically small amount of candy and gum that he got his money back and has been very frugal with it ever since. Actually, he has $70 now. We're not exactly sure where the other $20 came from.

Tirade is also a master of space, time, and dimension, and possesses the power to teleport around to wherever he wants to go (as long as no one is looking at him).

Tirade tends to hang around pesky bears and talking pyramids.