Chris' Old House—Goodbye, Cruel Floor


Previous owners of this house adored the color green—green roof, green paint, green carpet.

They also were colorblind, I am convinced. Witness the kitchen: opalescent pink tiles with copper accents tiles, an orangey-red vinyl floor, beige walls and brown stove. Hear my optic nerve shriek.

So, as we learned in the last episode, there's only so long that I can ignore a disturbing aesthetic situation. The kitchen needs much work, but it is not a priority. So I started doing things to make it less hateable. Things like painting the drop ceiling silver, the baseboards black and the walls grey. And installing chrome covers on the brown drop-ceiling grid. Now this may not be your idea of more soothing, but it is mine.

Then there was the floor.

Some day that stove is getting booted and replace by a lovely 40s or 50s refurbished model. Stay tuned.








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