Flying Eye Piece, Halloween 1998

Thank you, Jew in Bomb, for the Halloween weekend report. I will chip in with a brief statement about the Flying Eyes' exploits:

Friday night: Dinner in disguise (costumed as humans) with non-Eyes at a surprisingly tasty and low-key new place next door to the infamous Dixie's. Then north to a record/nifty junk store of a local cartoonist and her musician hubby for his weird yet melodic tunes and an assortment of Halloween-type trailers, shorts (including a 7-minute version of Psycho) and safety films on16mm.

Saturday: Started quietly enough with stray-Eyelash affixing and cape cutting (new this year---coppery in sheen, the result of some space-age combination of gold and burgundy threading), but then the doorbell clanged us into motion.Flanked by 5 jack-o- lanterns (one humongous, one white), various other gourds, a glow-skull candle and a portable brain, we awaited the candy mongers at the top of the staircase while Tocata and Fugue in D Minor swelled the dead night air.

They came, they cringed, they wept, and one little pirate tried to slice my pupil with his small-fry sword. We did some serious child warping. The parents were brave and appreciative. My favorite elder comment, delivered after her child had been goaded into ascending the staircase for treats: "See, honey, outerspace people are nice." We had a little visibilty trouble with placing the candy into their bags rather than their pants, and there was one teenager who yoinked a handful of goodies, but all in all a stunning triumph.

Then we went off to view Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D. Very cool, though slightly headachey due to faulty projection. Then a bite of your Earth burritos. And then off to the drinking parties. We skipped both bar shows due to overcrowding and disinterest in seeing the Eyes get bashed by the uncostumed masses and went on to the warehouse party. Despite the adventorous decorating (what's that called when there's an antenna with an electrical arc traveling up and down in flashes?) we knocked em dead. Favorite peer comment of the night: "Whoooooooaaaa. I wish I had a sheet of acid right now because if I did, I would love to take it all and party with you all niiiiight." The host said he wished he were giving out costume prizes bcse we would've won em all. There was a similar sentiment at the last party, where they were giving out prizes, but we arrived too late to sweep 'em. As we were entering the place, someone said, "Oh no. You guys look great. I guess it wouldn't be very nice to take away the best couple prize from the people we gave it to and give it to you."

The Flying Eyes are big crowd pleasers. This planet is going to be so easy to conquer.



Want another Eyeful?

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