Here's my pit crew posing on the whale's complementary concrete picnic accessories. The pic looks fuzzy bcse I shot it with a lenticular 3D camera, so it doesn't scan like a flat pic.


In the same little hut/shack/snail-shaped building is the mens' room, with a similar plaque outside it. The facilites seeemed nonfunctional when I visited. It was dark and spooky inside, so I didn't hang out testing everything. Rumor has it that the ark a little ways away (see next pic) has plaster discs similar to this one but depicting two of every animal. I've also heard (in a book about Route 66, methinks) that the ark used to be stocked for some kind of reptile and critter show.


I wore myself out on the whale, so I didn't beat my way through to see what the story was in there.



There wasn't anyone to ask, actually.