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"...You keep plugging away--that's the way social change takes place. That's the way every social change in history has taken place: by a lot of people, who nobody ever heard of, doing work." -- Noam Chomsky

I've had a bunch of articles and links building up in my email box for a while and so I'm going to try and categorize them and put them up here. Feel free to send me more at You can also send comments or rebuttals to me, just please start the subject line with "Peace and Activism:", so that it doesn't get lost in the constant spam barrage.

Various Political and News Links

Links to various organizations to help keep up-to-at with what i shappening and what you can do about it.

Progressive Secretary - This is a really neat site. You register with them and then when other organizations (Human Rights Watch, GreensPeace, ACLU, etc.) send them letters that they want sent to elected officials they send you an e-mail with the letter and ask for permission to send the letter with your name. All you have to do is put an X in the box that says "yes" and hit reply. It's all run by volunteers.

Vote No War! - Electronic gathering of signatures to oppose the war.

True Majority - They will send free faxes to your representatives for you on various social issues.

United for Peace - Lists peace events and provides resources for organizing.

Verified Voting - One of the scarier things about the upcoming election is that our votest might ot even be counted properly. Push for verified paper trails in your state.

Media for Democracy - Help push media sources to provide actual content in news reports.

FactCheck - Non-partisan analysis of major political ads. You know they're all playing with the truth in some way or another. It's nice to see actual details. I learned a lot at this site.

Common Dreams - Pulling from a wide variety of sources, Common Dreams is a great online source for alternative news and opinions.

ZNet - Articles, Message Boards, Links, News. Just a whole lot of resources and stuff. It's easy to lose a lot of time here, so be warned. :-)

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) - FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986.