May 14, 1998

It's been a crazy, exciting week for us. On Friday evening, Lori arrived and took up residence in our guest room. Since then, we've been in a whirlwind of activity, as she has been learning, via the sink-or-swim method, the ways in which our business and our household function. She's been like a sponge, soaking up information and leaving smudgemarks all over the house. There've been some minor power struggles over things like the way the kitchen is organized, but so far everything is working out very nicely.

As I previously mentioned was a possibility, Lori did indeed stop off at the Carta Mundi factory on her way here from Florida, and got to oversee the printing of the fronts of the Aquarius cards. She brought us samples, and they're beautiful! The backs were done a couple of days later, and now they're just waiting on the boxes. So things are still looking good for shipment of finished decks by the end of the month!

Late at night when the house is quiet I've been firing up my old 3DO development station. I got it back on-line six months ago, using old equipment I'd gotten when I left Magnet a year before that, but this was the first time I'd done anything new with it. I used it to animate the sinking of the Titanic, something I need for my secret Titanic project.

All of this has kept me from doing much with the website this week, except for the usual Empty City chapter and the final entry in My Secret World. Also, I've gotten into a game of Nomic with some of the other Toasters, which Jake is moderating. Read all about it as it happens on Jake's pages - he's doing an incredible job of tracking the status of the game for us.

Anyway, enjoy life!

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