Thursday, January 8, 1998

This week I've been doing some re-organizing of files, particularly within my folder, and adding a brand new and much improved page footer to most of the pages here. Unfortunately, this will undoubtedly result in some broken links and obsolete bookmarks... I've tried to minimize the impacts as much as possible, but if you find problems, either here or with links pointing here, please inform the appropriate webmasters.

However, since I've been busy with this boring maintenance work, I haven't had any time to add much in the way of new content. Luckily, Robin filled that gap this week. Check out her hugely expanded pages, complete with photographs, poems, and stories, and including the real-life drama of the life-saving loft, entitled The Sky is Falling.

Lastly, we have a special, secret message for Wayne Schmidt. Wayne, if you're out there, we tried mailing you the Fluxx deck and Icehouse set you ordered, but they came back with all kinds of mean, nasty rubber stamps on them with words like "Attempted-Not Known." Can you send us a better mailing address?

Other than that, all we've got is the next installments of the usual features:


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