Where were the photos for the IIT15 medallions taken?

The medallions for the 15th International Icehouse Tournament were taken by Andrew Looney in the following six Amsterdam Coffeeshops:

Blue: The Bushdocter

The Bushdocter has 2 locations, on opposite sides of the Rembrandt Plein. This was taken at upstairs at the one on Thorbeckeplein.

This isn't really one of my favorite coffeeshops, but it was while sitting at this table that I was inspired to use coffeeshop tables as the backdrop for this year's medallions, so for that I find it memorable. Plus, the tables here are pretty groovy... as I discovered after embracing this plan, quite a few of otherwise groovy coffeeshops have tabletops that are far less cool looking that this one...

Yellow: Barney's Breakfast Bar

Barney's is a really great coffeeshop, notable for being one of the few with a full menu of food available from the attached restaurant with similar name. Barney's also has excellent, stylish tables that were perfect for this project. Barney's even gets Stoney's paw-up of approval...

Green: Homegrown Fantasy

This is just another nice, laid back coffeeshop, right near the center of town. It's a good choice for gaming, as they have these lovely tables with various classic gameboards built-in, like this backgammon board and several chessboards.

Red: Popeye

Popeye was one of our very favorite coffeeshops, partly due to its cool vibe and partly because it was close to home and right on the way to a lot of destinations. We got pretty chummy with the owner, whom everyone calls Popeye and who is very friendly and fun to hang out with. Here's what he looks like:

Cooler Than Ice: La Canna

La Canna is very high on our list of favorite spots. La Canna is another coffeeshop with restaurant food available, but the thing we really dig is this long, low counter by the windows, over-looking a busy pedestrian shopping zone. Usually, there are hordes of people strolling about below, making it great for people-watching. This shiny black countertop also makes for an excellent place to play Binary Homeworlds:

Winner: Stone's Corner

Stone's Corner is a really nice coffeeshop, right on a busy street corner, again making it an excellent place for people-watching. The decor has an lovely Arabian Nights feel to it, and the tables are all covered with colorful tile-work. While small and often crowded (with the best spot by the window sometimes being very hard to get) Stone's Corner is definitely one of my very favorite Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

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Last update: May 28, 2004

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