Spanish Fluxx

Accion -> Actions Lookup Chart

You can tell what the other 3 kinds of cards do (assuming you already know how to play Fluxx) but unless you speak Spanish, you'll need this chart to play Fluxx Espanol:

Accion: Action:
Roba una Cosa Steal a Keeper
Intercambia Manos Trade Hands
Toma 3, juega 2 cartas Draw 3, Play 2 of them
Toma 2 y úsalas Draw 2 and Use 'em
Elige una Regla Nueva Choose a New Rule
Tira una Cosa Trash a Keeper
Usa la que tomes Use What You Take
Intercambia Cosas Exchange Keepers
¡A todos les toca una! Everybody Gets 1
Comparte la riqueza Share the Wealth
¡El Gordo! Jackpot!
Regreso a la base Rules Reset

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