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A year after the release of the limited test printing of Andrew Looney's card game Just Desserts, the rules of the game has been extensively tested and even completely redesigned... yet no progress at all has been made towards getting the final, color artwork finished. Since it will take forever at the current rate to create the illustrations in house, the Looney Labs team is considering various ways of finding an outside artist - or crowd of artists -- to create the 59 mouth-watering images of assorted desserts which are needed to publish the real version of the game. In the WWN article for 6/8/6, Andy describes the various scenarios they might pursue and issues a call to all artists who might be interested in doing art for this project.

This page lists all of the desserts planned for inclusion in the game, so that artists who wish to participate can reserve the dessert they plan to work on. As art is sent in, I'll be putting up preview images here so everyone can see how the project is shaping up. Scroll down to see what we've gotten so far...

Final artwork should be 2" x 2" 300 dpi, CMYK color. Remember also that we're looking for illustrations here, not photographs.

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Dessert Name: Artist who called it: Dessert Name: Artist who called it:

1. Fudge Wes Jones 2. Sugar Cookies Beth Wolosz
3. Chocolate Angelfood Cupcakes Allison Carmichael 4. Peanut Brittle Casey Gathy
5. Toasted Marshmallows Catherine Smith 6. Fruit Salad Melinda Rainsberger
7. Cheesecake Paul Misera 8. Glazed Doughnut Erin Farmer
9. Fortune Cookies Matt Arnold 10. Devils Food Cake Jennifer Waddington
11. Peanut Butter Cups J. Andrew World 12. Crispy Rice Treats Jill S Levien
13. Cherry Pie Collin Burton 14. Apple Turnover Mike Rayhawk
15. Napoleon Brady Tang 16. Chocolate Chip Cookies Shane Tilton
17. Chocolate Soufflé Jennifer DiMase 18. Walnut Brownies Jack Smith
19. Ambrosia Salad < not available > 20. Peach Cobbler Alice Stanton
21. Chocolate Eclair Marci Coleman 22. Chocolate Toaster Tarts Jennifer Schroeder
23. Candied Ginger Hazel 24. Spice Cake chris sterritt
25. Tapioca Pudding Nina Kempf 26. Banana Pudding Alison
27. Vanilla Cream Pie   28. Peanut Butter Cookies Nick Lamicela
29. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Christine Szulczewski 30. Chocolate Mousse Chris Battey
31. Baklava chris sterritt 32. Chocolate Fondue Kristina Stipetic
33. Strawberry Shortcake Jessica Cook 34. Apple Pie a la Mode David Buttry
35. Neapolitan Ice Cream Jonathon Boze 36. Cinnamon Roll Celina McMahon
37. Gingerbread Anna M. Reed 38. Gingerbread Dude Sandra Guzdek
39. Bread Pudding   40. Coconut Custard Pie Jessie Gillan
41. Coconut Macaroon Nora Kischer-Browne 42. Ice Cream Cone Donn Austin Maguire
43. Mint Chocolate Milk Shake Julie Hudson 44. Pecan Pie Kevin Pease
45. Smores Ryan McGuire 46. Black Forest Cake Jerry Avalos
47. Fruit Cake Jonathan Teixeira 48. Pumpkin Nut Bread Brian Hefele
49. Pumpkin Pie Heather Cornelius 50. Pumpkin Ice Cream Dale Wood
51. Rhubarb Crumble Mark Dykstra 52. Carrot Cake Jaclyn Shanley
53. Ice Cream Cake Wayne Madsen 54. Baked Alaska David Porter
55. Ice Cream Sandwich Dustin O'Keefe Lynch 56. Hot Fudge Sundae Ellen Gersh
57. Pecan Praline Ice Cream Catherine Ann Keszei 58. Banana Split Michael Shanley
59. Boston Cream Pie Veronica Pare

This page updated on 11/30/7.

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