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Time Travel Mechanism Patented by Looney Labs

Game company granted patent for unique method of playing a card game

November 8, 2002

Contact: Kristin Looney

COLLEGE PARK, MD, November 8 -- Although actual time travel is still in the future, game company Looney Labs now offers a card game simulation so unique it's been patented. US Patent # 6,474,650, "Method of Simulating Time Travel in a Card Game," was issued on Tuesday to inventor Andrew Looney, who designed the mechanism for use in a card game called "Chrononauts," which is currently available for sale in hobby game stores all over the country.

Kristin Looney, wife of the inventor and "Business Czar" of Looney Labs, the couple's small game company which publishes the game, was very pleased to hear of the patent's issuance. "Andy came up with a way to simulate time travel in a simple yet convincing enough way," said Kristin, "as to give everyday people the chance to travel around in time with their friends and family during a 30 minute game of cards."

The new patent is just the latest milestone for this innovative new card game. Last year, Chrononauts was awarded the Parent's Choice "Silver Honor" for children 11 and up, and it received the Origins Award for "Best Traditional Card Game of the Year" in the Academy of Adventure Gaming's annual industry awards. The game's graphic design was also recognized with a nomination for "Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game".

Besides winning awards, Chrononauts decks have been flying off game store shelves. "We are delighted to hear that Looney Labs has been granted this patent," commented Mike Webb, Vice President at Alliance Game Distributors, the nation's largest hobby game distributor. "The unique and enjoyable mechanics of Looney Labs' games are a lot of what makes them such strong sellers. Chrononauts has been a fantastic product - the first print run sold through completely, and we are already moving through the second at a steady pace! In fact, Chrononauts is seeing rising sales in a pattern reminiscent of Looney's biggest hit to date, Fluxx. We're glad to see Chrononauts joining Fluxx as another evergreen product."

Founded in 1996, Looney Labs is a small game company which operates out of Kristin and Andy Looney's eccentric suburban home, dubbed Wunderland. The company publishes innovative, attractive, fun family parlor games including Fluxx, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, and the Icehouse game system, plus a wacky weekly webzine at

Editors: Free copies of Chrononauts are available for members of the media by visiting or by contacting Kristin Looney at 301-441-1019 or




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