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 It's not in the dictionary, but if you're a lexophile, you know what I mean...

My love of words takes many forms.  I am one of those people who browses the dictionary for cool words just for fun.  Not all of them manage to enter my vocabulary on any regular basis, but it's fun to try.  Etymology and semantics quite frequently float my boat.  I also like to make up palindromes.

One of the things I've noticed about us lexophiles is that we like to break and bend the rules.  Playing with words, making up words, messing with common phrases, making and appreciating puns and metaphors, taking things literally for comic effect, rhyming things.

It's as though we feel that once we know how the system works, we can do whatever we want.  My speech is studded with strange Alisonisms. I like to twist the language and give people and things little pet names, as well.

Some of my language has spread to those in my household, and naturally some of theirs has spread to me. This is common in most groups, but I feel the three of us here at Wunderland.earth have developed a particularly rich lexicon. For those who might run into us in person, I'm compiling a little guide.

I like words, but I don't really consider myself a writer.  I believe I'm just a thinker who sometimes likes to write my thoughts down.  My Big Black Books contain several selections that might appeal to the word-playful. On the left, are some that I have up on the web so far. Other selections, not necessarily wordish, can be found in the B3Bits section.

cool words archive



beneficial mnemotodes

pet names for vegetables etc...

my palindromes

random thingalinks

From my Big Black Book Bits:

I Only Have Eyes For You
with bunches of letters
that... uh... form words...

I Loved Madly
for rhyme lovers, a poemish
thing about unrequited love

change a letter so an animal
combines with an object

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