The Erogenous Zone

You have entered the Erogenous Zone. This is where all of Andrew Looney's thoughts of a sexual nature are stored. The room itself is round, with huge fluffy throw pillows against all of the walls. You entered the room by falling through a hole in the ceiling, and to go back out that way, you'll have to climb up a small ladder. There is no actual floor; instead, the entire room covered with a gigantic round mattress. The only light in the room is provided by a couple of dozen candles, and the room hangs heavily with the scent of burning incense. Drifting in from somewhere you can hear the sound of cool jazz. All in all, the room is highly reminiscent of the inside of Jeannie's bottle on "I Dream of Jeannie."

In addition to going back up the ladder, you can also exit from here by crawling down a narrow, carpet-lined tunnel, which is labeled with a little sign that says "To the Shrine."

There is also a filing cabinet here. The top drawer is labeled "Andy's Fantasies." The bottom drawer is labeled "Fond Memories." But both drawers are locked, so you can only speculate about their contents.

Kristin is here, dressed in lingerie and lounging on soft pillows.

From here you can go to the Id or the Shrine of Long Hair Worship. Or you can look at the map.


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