An Electronic Book

By Andrew Looney. Copyright © 1997.

Note: Since writing this piece in late '97, I have continued to write essays on this subject. Please visit my Activism index for more recent observations and opinions. NQ.


People who've known me for a long time know that I grew up drug-free, staunchly refusing to try anything illegal, despite a lot of peer pressure to try marijuana. However, my questions about the drug have nagged at me over the years, and with the topic of legalization often appearing in the news of late, I decided I needed to find out for myself, once and for all, what it's really like. Since it's essentially legal to smoke pot in Holland, I decided to go to the High Times Cannabis Cup, held last week in Amsterdam, as a sort of undercover reporter.

I was amazed at what I learned. I return, convinced that our marijuana laws are a disaster at every level and must be repealed. This is the report on my findings.


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