Inside Andy's Brain

Version 3.1 - October 1997

OK, somehow you've managed to get yourself shrunk way down in size. Maybe you are in a submarine with Raquel Welch and Donald Pleasance, or maybe Rick Moranis pointed a laser at you. Or maybe it was Dr. Shrinker (he's a madman with an evil mind.) Who knows? The main thing is, you are about to be shoved inside the spongy grey stuff that makes Andrew Looney the guy that he is.

Before entering the brain, please wipe your feet on the mat. Andy doesn't want people tracking a lot of dirt around in there. Better still, take off your shoes.

Are you ready? From here, you can start by visiting a map of the brain, or you can go directly into the Control Center.

Author's Note: This version of my brain is now woefully out of date. I used to think I'd keep this up to date, but obviously I haven't. So, think of this as being a visit to my brain combined with a trip back in time, to October 1997...

Looking for Thought Residue?

Copyright © 1997-2009 by Andrew Looney.

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