What's a Salon?

To most people, the word "salon" probably conjures up images of a hair stylist's place of business. But here's the definition I find in my trusty old American Heritage Dictionary:

Salon: n. 1. an elegant drawing room. 2. An assemblage of persons, usu. of social or intellectual distinction, who frequent the home of a particular person. 3. A stylish commercial establishment: a beauty salon.

Salons of the sort referred to in definition #2 were common among the landed gentry in the olden days before the dawn of the Television era, but that was long ago. However, there's a small movement afoot these days to "re-discover the forgotten art of conversation," and everywhere, people have started hosting modern day salons.

The Wunderland Gaming Salon is invitation-only, but information about other salons in the DC area, devoted to a wide range of topics, is available on the web.

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