Ellen C. Endress

Ellen has been reading science fiction since fourth grade and playing role-playing games since eighth grade. She was a fencer in college. More recently, she has taken up live-action gaming, historical re-enactment, and vintage dance. She is an avid costumer, and has made a variety of period clothing, although she did hire a professional to make an 1860 ball gown for her wedding.

Ellen has been doing pencil sketches for years, and discovered what a really good computer graphics program can do when she began creating art using Adobe Photoshop. She has had two covers printed by the Markland Plague (the magazine published by her medieval group), but her art for Buccaneer Ganes' Super Nova is her first sale.

Oh yes, she has also become an attorney, with a preference for public interest or government work. Starting in September, 1995, she will be volunteering full-time with the Public Defender.

Don't think her talents are endless, however. She cannot play any musical instruments and her singing voice is a refined piece of torture for any unfortunate listeners. The professional artists working on Super Nova (e.g., Lissanne Lake and Lee Moyer) can produce better work with an offhand stroke than Ellen can with hours of effort. And she simply cannot make her knee-length hair hang in one solid, silky, shiny mass.

NOTE: Ellen's card "Antarian Kittens" was incorrectly printed in the first run of Supernova - it should appear as it does at the top of this web page. Fortunately, this is the only artwork error in the entire 165-card set... but hang on to this card now because it'll be a collector's item!

Ellen's Super Nova Art

1st Release - August 1995:
1st Supplement (Event Horizon) - Coming Soon:

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