Never Having to Escape The Closet

i am bisexual
i have always been bisexual

my earliest memories of being attracted to women coincide with my earliest memories of being attracted to men

the fact that i married a man, has never changed the fact that i love women

in early february 1998
i found this group called the bndc
The Bisexual Network of DC
a fabulous group of people

i have made new friends
shared life stories
what is it like to be gay?
what is it like to be bisexual?

my story is different

i have NEVER thought there was
anything wrong with me, never thought
my feelings or actions were a sin


for this i have my parents to thank

i don't remember a conversation

they taught by example

the simple fact that they truly understand
and firmly believe that homosexuality
is a natural and ok thing
an environment free of prejudice and hate

i never had to fight my way out of a closet

Thank You Mom and Dad

I love you


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