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small orange square Rainy gray this morning when I saw the inside of the gym for the first time in weeks! Ran a mile and my foot pain was tolerable. The sauna felt fine, and all three treadmills are operational again!

small purple square Phone calls with family. Background - the four brothers (including me, #2) had made sketchy plans to rent a beach house this summer, with other family members invited to come too. But my older brother H announced at Christmas he's made other plans, and now his summer's full - can't go, let's do it next year. (Making any plans for next year seems dubious to me. <1>) Foreground - my brother J recently sent my parents this huge email of complaint with a plea for more communication, and me Dad just answered it with his own reactive apologies and explanations. I called him up and we talked of lighter issues only. I could tell he was expecting something related out of me, but I was merely sounding out his summer travel schedule and otherwise talking about trees.  <2> Next phone call, later in the afternoon, with my younger brothers and their wives - they put me on the speakerphone down in his Richmond rec-room. They are gung-ho for the beach plan without H (maybe he'll find a way to show up anyway, and they're hoping niece R can show up anyway). Discussion of how I should word the announcement. Then J opened his present from me (a gift-pack of Trader Joe's one-pound nut-pouches), for tomorrow is his birthday; hence their get-together at his house. Tomorrow J can expect a birthday call from our parents, the first time he'll have actually spoken with them since this email exchange. And so it goes in my family.

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small yellow square The end of this cycle has arrived. Hard to believe I won't be writing like this tomorrow. In fact, I don't think I'll be able to restrain this odd compulsion to post I developed a year ago. I may even be planning a slick new layout for a similar project, one with less quotes and gossip, and more visuals. It won't be this daily accounting, however, and it won't live here - good-bye, GeoCities! Thanks everybody for the compliments - now you know What I Do!

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<1> New Feature! Pointers to the Y2K Spotlight.

<2> This book I'm reading, A Walk in the Woods, describes the noble American Chestnut tree, felled by blight in the early part of this century. Now, Dogwoods are among those trees currently ailing, in the Appalachias, and we have a couple in our yard. I was curious exactly which those are, and if he remembered anything of the Chestnut blight. (No.)