Some Facts and Figures

January 1954 (I'm an Aquarius)
Washington, DC (Georgetown, to be precise - in the University's hospital)
Present location:
Mountain View, California (a town north of Silicon Valley)
Other places lived:
Around the Beltway and downtown DC, Los Angeles (Pasadena, Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica) and Nags Head, North Carolina
Brown, with many gray hairs. Style: Ranges between Captain Picard and Ben Franklin
Eye color:
6 feet, 1 inch
13 1/2 stone
Religious persuasion:
Raised Methodist, but usual answer is Deist or Buddhist. I can be persuaded to attend Protestant services very occaisionally.
Political affiliation:
Been voting Libertarian since 1992, also has Green & Anarchist tendencies
Meyers-Briggs category:
None at this time. My cat died a few months ago, but he hadn't been living with me for a few years - thinking about another, or maybe a dog (but not too seriously). Having a pet restricts one's major movements in a big way; plus I now have asthma, which close proximity to those animals tends to aggravate.
University of Maryland, BS in Astronomy/Physics, late 1970s
Computer Programmer (C, X-Windows/Motif, SQL / Unix, PCs, no Mac)
Between meaningful relationships at this time, actually...
Favorite foods:
Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Seafood, Dessert, and (unfortunately, not too often these days) an American breakfast
Favorite drink(s):
Water, chilled; Coffee (but tragically, caffeine has become a problem); Carrot Juice; Green Tea; Cocoa. No soda, but non-red wine is nice, as is the occasional beer
Music I like:
Popular (20th century, especially: 40s Big-Band Swing; 50s Rock & Roll; 60s Top 40, Motown, and Psychedelic; 70s Progressive, Glitter, Disco and Funk; 80s New Wave and 90s Modern Rock), Soundtracks, Classical, Jazz (20s/30s Hot and 50s/60s Cool), Ambient, Electronic & New Age, even (shudder) Easy Listening
Music I hate:
Rap, Harsh Metal, most Techno, Classic Rock, Mexican, C&W or Bluegrass (after about four minutes' exposure), most contemporary Top 40 stuff, "gospelized" standards (for example, think of Whitney Houston's interpretation of a Christmas carol - that sort of stuff)
Favorite Movies:
Fahrenheit 451, Breaking Away, Repo Man, Slaughterhouse Five, Cool Hand Luke and the Truman Show!
Favorite Musicals:
West Side Story, Camelot, the Music Man, Cabaret and A Chorus Line
Favorite TV Shows:
Dobie Gillis, Leave It To Beaver, and the original Twilight Zone
Favorite Sports (watching):
Televised sport is so incredibly boring (this includes the Olympics) - but if I'm feeling especially Euro, a little Fußball (soccer) can hold my interest for a while
Favorite Sport (to play):
Working out at the gym (especially once it's over). Outdoors? Hmmm... `does "capture the flag" count?
Favorite color:
transparent cobalt or metallic blue
'91 Toyota Tercel, stock
Favorite artists:
Kandinsky (plus many others)
A few other interests:
Rail trips through Europe, exploring used book stores, driving cross-country, good conversation (neither small talk or 'schmoozing'), reading while dining solo in restaurants, making "mix tapes" and Temari balls, playing with happy children, going to the Cinema, puttering about while listening to spoken-word (doesn't mean Talk) radio, running through the forest at night, barefoot, collecting fringe comic books, disobeying irrelevant traffic regulations while bike-riding, being on-line, "Watching the Wheels".

More Facts and Opinions
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