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#12's Nanofics

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"So what's wrong with this?" says Anonymous, as we're looking at a large HDTV screen. An animated viewpoint spins us around a cloud. There are bright columns above it, of various heights and colors (blue, yellow, red). I say, "it's because this is computer generated I guess." At the same time, Jim Butler says, "look," and mimes hitting the side of the HDTV. "You can hit it here!" He smiles.

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isobront (eye'-so-bront) n. a line on a map passing though those points on the surface of the earth at which the first peal of thunder of a thunderstorm is heard at the same time

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2001: A Space Odyssey %}

Great special effects,
without help from computers!
(Except HAL, of course.)

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Tomb Raider

I freely admit that in giving this film my highest rating, I am indulging in a guilty pleasure. As a gamer, a male, and a long hair fetishist, I have for years thought that Lara Croft is the greatest action hero ever imagined, and I was delighted with Angelina Jolie's realization of her in the film. The whole thing in fact is beautiful and exciting, much like the game. I think the best way to watch this movie is to imagine that it's the year 2075 and you are watching your friend play the newest Tomb Raider adventure on a PlayStation 9. "Wow, it looks so realistic!" you'd say. "The plot's still pretty lame, though." (Yeah, but it involves time travel! So how could I not love this movie?)

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I Can't Stop Thinking!

#12's Webcomic picks
Journey To The West

Thursday, June 28, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Countdown to Origins

Wow, look at all that new stuff! And that doesn't even include the Chrononauts patent application I've been toiling away at writing (now nearing completion, at last), nor all the work Kristin and Lauren have been doing towards getting us a business loan, nor even the work we've all been doing to get ready for Origins (now just a few days away, yikes!) where we'll be running our second Big Experiment. It's gonna be a blast! And we'll finally get to find out if we win anything in the Origins awards. As Kristin would say, keep your toes crossed for us!

Speaking of finally finding out who wins, we got 86 entries to our Lost Identities nanofic contest, and now we begin the task of deciding which ones we will actually make into cards. And some of them are pretty darned good, so choosing the winners ain't gonna be easy. Plus, everyone's been asking if they'd get to read all the entries... so, we decided to just put them all up and let everyone give their opinions. I of course will make the final choices, and my decision will be final... but I'm very interested in knowing what other people think.

So Dale (our fabulous webmaster) tweaked a great online display and voting system built for us by Craig Forbes (one of our fabulous volunteer geek rabbits), and Dave (our fabulous summer intern) pulled all the data out of the emails we'd been collecting and entered them into a database (which in retrospect we realize we should have built at the beginning). So now, you can go read all the entries and give us your opinions!

The deadline for doing that is August 17th. We plan to announce the winners in the August 23rd edition of this webzine.


Have a great summer!

PS: Congrats on the new job, Lauren! Good luck and thanks for all your assistance!

Thought Residue
After years of loyalty to the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, I have recently decided that my all-around favorite item from the candy aisle is: Nestle's Wonka Bar. Not only does it have an unbeatable gobstopper factor, but I also think it's an ideal candy bar: delicious milk chocolate (with the delightful crunch of graham cracker bits) of the perfect size and shape, sealed in a purple wrapper. What could be better? I wish I had one right now!
We attended the TSI-TelSys annual shareholder's meeting this week, and although the stock is barely worth a dime, the company is still going full-steam ahead and may yet become a success. There were many new faces, morale seems good, they have paying customers, and they're developing new lines of business. Go TSI!
Steve Hauk has started a new story featuring the Emperor of Da Universe, and will be posting it on his website as he creates it!

"And by the way...I am quite impressed with your customer service. After the day that I have had with my cellular phone company and their shenanigans, it is quite refreshing!" -- comments received by email from a customer named Andrea


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