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Sketchbook Harvest

I'm in the front passenger seat of the Bullocks' car. "He was working the deli line at the Brick," says Gina, from the back. "And he was so sick. He was standing there like this." I can't see her, but I imagine her making a nauseated face.

Cool Words

manifold (man'-if-fold) adj. 1. having many and various forms, features, parts, etc... 2. of many sorts; many and varied; multifarious 3. being such in many and various ways or for many reasons 4. comprising, consisting of, or operating several units or parts of one kind - said of certain devices.

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail %}

There's a reason why
this is the most quoted film
since Steamboat Willie.

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The film version of the classic broadway musical is entertaining in its way, but it's totally unlike the original broadway musical. I wish they'd remake this film, with a return to the original script (if you could call it that). On the other hand, I hope if they ever make a movie out of "Cats" that they do what they did with this film adaptation, which is to add an actual plot.

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Scouting For All

Thursday, August 30, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? We're at WorldCon!

I've been to a lot of science-fiction conventions in the last twenty years, but only once before have I been to the biggest one of all, WorldCon (the sci-fi con for the entire world), which is held in a different city every year. This year, the 59th WorldCon is being held in nearby Philadelphia, so of course we had to attend. Moreover, for this big event, we decided to do something we've never done at a sci-fi con before: we've got a table in the dealer's room!

We got our start doing Icehouse tourneys at a sci-fi conventions long ago, but when we got serious about our game business, we focused our limited marketing resources on the major gaming conventions (in particular Origins) rather than on the less relevant sci-fi circuit. Even so, we've continued to promote our games at the local sci-fi cons, but only with party-style events like the Pop-Tart Cafe. This time, we're getting an actual huckster's table, plus we'll be doing continuous demos in the open gaming area all weekend long. We'll even be running a few tournaments, all with the help of a wonderful bunch of Mad Lab Rabbits. It begins this morning, and runs for five days!

Anyway, we've still got a lot to do to get ready for the opening of the exhibit hall... they kicked us out earlier than we were expecting during setup on Wednesday night, so we've got to get down there early this morning to finish getting set up. Come back next week and I'll let you know how it all worked out!

One new thing we have to help attract attention to our games is the long-awaited giant cardboard Icehouse pieces mentioned in last week's What's On The Stove? update. We picked up the first 25 stashes during the drive north, and they're fabulous! As I sit writing this on the laptop in our hotel room, Kristin is busily applying purple paint to a set of these big foldable corrugated pyramids. Today, we'll be trying them out for the first time, and I'm really excited about playing over-sized IceTowers with them. Giant Icehouse pieces have existed for a long time (in fact, these were sized to be compatible with Mike Sugarbaker's Gargantua set) but never before have such big Icehouse pieces been *stackable*. It's gonna be great playing the other real-time Icehouse game on this grand scale!Andy

Happy Labor Day!

PS: The appearance of a Toilet Monster on this page indicates that I've reached the bottom of my Sketchbook Harvest barrel. This is the last such image I'll be posting for a while. [Coming soon: The new Image Wall!]

Thought Residue
Now that we have Fluxx Blanxx to work with, I've started trying out new card ideas. My favorite of late is the New Rule "X = X +1" (submitted to the big list of ideas by Neil Raynar). It has great results that aren't immediately obvious. For example, Secret Data lets you hide 2 cards, Draw 3, Play 2 Of Them becomes draw 4, play 3, you need an extra Keeper to win with 5 Keepers, and Everybody Gets Two!
"Two decades ago, the author book tour was almost a novelty. Today it can be the deciding factor in a book's success. Touring has always been as much about selling the author as the book. Turn the author into a traveling salesman, and those personal appearances generate real sales -- important when a few thousand books can make a best seller -- not to mention media attention on local radio and television and reviews in the local press." -- writer Malcolm Jones, in an article in this week's Newsweek entitled "The Hard Sell"
"There are a lot of people like me who can smoke weed and still get a day's work done." -- award-winning film director Kevin Smith, in an interview in High Times magazine (the current issue also has a description of the first time the Beatles tried it, written by the guy who brought both the weed and Bob Dylan to the party)

"A friend of mine, hopelessly hooked on Icehouse (thanks to me :D), ended up picking up a set, along with Black Ice. Now he's going around school teaching people how to play Martian Chess...I have to say, after finally giving the rules a shot, it's really a great game. I'm sure everyone had the same reaction as me upon reading the rules over (Whaaaaat?), but it does indeed work. Mind you, I'm terrible at it, but it's a very deep game, and I'm hooked." -- Mike, on the Icehouse mailing list


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