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Eating an apple and looking at a 'Reported Events' page on GSFC's intranet: 'Two piles of a sand-like substance were found on the floor of two separate rooms. Bystander statements indicated that the substance "tasted gritty, like sand." [Note: Unknown substances should never be touched or tasted.]'

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irredenta (eer'-ee-dent'-ah) adj. unredeemed: said of a region or regions populated chiefly by the natives of a specified country which formerly held it and seeks to recover it

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Gummo :)

Poignant, repugnant,
horrible everyday life
in a white trash world.

Daddy-O's Reviews

The Tick

I've long been a fan of the off-beat adventures of the Tick and his fellow eccentric superheroes, and I've decided that I like the new live-action series even more than the cartoons. To make up for the fact that, without animation, they can't as easily depict some of the wackier villains and their outrageous antics, the new series has been focusing more on the mundane aspects of life in the City where superheroes are common. They don't so much fight crime as sit around in the coffeeshop talking about fighting crime (and about superhero licenses, publicity, relationships, and getting stains out of spandex costumes). In other words, it's like Seinfeld with superheroes.

Tirade's Choice

The Ogre Cave

"My friend found a site on the web that listed the most popular games. And Fluxx and Chrononauts were 4 and 5 on the list. So, we searched to find these games and only found one store in our area that sells them. We bought them out and I need more for Christmas gifts! These are excellent games! Great job!" -- Leah, Rhode Island, USA

Thursday, December 13, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? A Visit to Ground Zero

Over the weekend, we went up to New York. Our friends Suzyn and Alvaro were having a little holiday shindig, and anyway Kristin wanted to get together to talk more with Alvaro about sales stuff, plus we've been working ourselves too hard and needed a break, so we decided to go. And we had a great time! But while we were in Manhattan, we decided to take the opportunity to pay our respects (and otherwise see what there is to be seen) at the site of what I like to call the National Bummer.

As you probably know, the entire Ground Zero area is still blocked off, and being ordinary civilians we couldn't get any closer than the well-guarded outer perimeter. But as we walked along that barrier with throngs of others on our same pilgrimage, we could catch glimpses of that last bit of the North Tower which still stands, and of the vast wasteland of rubble and still-smoldering debris that surrounds it. And all along the fences there are memorials: flags, flowers, photos, origami cranes, signs, banners and t-shirts covered with handwritten messages, and more, like a huge participatory art project. You could spend hours just trying to look at all the stuff people have put up in memory of loved ones lost. Every now and then, one of the cops guarding the barrier would yell out to the crowd, "Take your pictures and move along! You can't just stand here!" But like everyone, we continued to stand there for awhile, looking out at the ruins and the wall of messages surrounding it. Needless to say, it was a moving experience.

Other than that, all we've been doing this week is continuing to work on the two big projects I discussed last week, as well as trying to get ourselves ready for the upcoming holidays, which are coming up far too rapidly for our tastes.Andy

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the story so far

Thought Residue
In response to last week's residual thought about chocolate, caramel, and almonds, I learned not only that several such confections are available from See's Chocolates, but also that for those of us not lucky enough to live within their radius of availability, you can order custom-packed boxes of these delights via their website.
"Hey, now, no one's saying that death isn't sad. But it's also the Mt. Everest of Life. And I say when your time comes, climb it! Who knows what wonders may lay at the icy summit of Death Mountain. It might be nice up there! And think of all the people that have gone before you... you may get to shake hands with some of the greatest minds in human history! Maybe death's just nature's way of saying 'try again'." -- The Tick, in his eulogy to the Immortal
"I really do like my 'Me-Time'." -- Elliott to Finch, as they discussed the upside of being in a three-person relationship on a recent episode of "Just Shoot Me"


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