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I'm turning from the kitchen sink toward the table, drying my hands on my pants and thinking about cleaning up some leftover potato chips by just crumpling them up in the napkin they're lying on and throwing them away.

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"I bought Chrononauts & Aqaurius recently, and after surfing your site, and spending 5 hours (at work, because I was bored) reading The Empty City, I am completely in love with your company, products, & the site! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!" -- comments accompanying a mailing list signup

Thursday, January 10, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Another Launch Scrubbed at the Last Moment

We're big believers in impossible deadlines. We routinely set goals for ourselves that we know we will have trouble meeting, since they motivate us to work hard. But part of having high expectations is knowing when you're asking too much, and backing off. Sometimes you just can't meet artificial deadlines, at least not without sacrificing quality, and certainly not when your goals for the project keep expanding during its development.

So it is with the update/overhaul of our shopping cart, which I've been yammering about on this page for months. Once we'd hoped it would be done by Thanksgiving, then before Xmas, and finally, by today, Jan 10th. But it still ain't done. To increase the pressure on this most recent deadline, Kristin even deactivated the old shopping cart, so that we wouldn't be able to take any new orders until we got the new system running. But with the holidays behind us and other production deadlines looming, we've realized that getting some new stuff sent to the printers is actually more urgent right now than working on the shopping cart overhaul. So, Kristin has turned the old shopping cart back on, and now we're focusing on production tasks like Nanofictionary, our 2002 catalog, cardboard store displays for our products, and the overdue Geronimo Inquirer.

And we're not making any more predictions as to when the new site will launch. It'll get done when it gets done.


Have a Great Week!


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The Anthrax thing has affected us in an indirect way... a payment we mailed to the U.S. Patent Office got stuck in quarantine, which means my IceTowers patent still hasn't issued yet, which means we won't have the patent number in time to include in Playing with Pyramids.
I finally got my first DVD player, and I'm loving its "Repeat A-B" option! It makes trivial the task of looping a segment of video, something I used a spend a lot of time doing the hard way with a couple of VCRs. Of course, I only have a couple of actual DVDs so far, but there are lots of great loopable moments in the animated version of the Lord of the Rings...
"In terms of whether my body would be unhappy without it, I'm also 'addicted' to a number of other prescribed drugs and to food, water, oxygen, and my sweetie. Addiction is an overrated concept." -- Geov Parrish, "A Junkie's Confession"


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