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I'm waiting at a subway platform, joking with Grant. I say, in a characteristic deeper, educated voice, "I was sad that I had no hat, until I saw a man with no head." Grant giggles.

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blague (blag) n. arrant jesting; humbug

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Kissing Jessica Stein :)

Like Ally McBeal,
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The Men Who Killed Kennedy

OK, I'm now convinced. There was a conspiracy, and a cover-up, and Oswald was just a hapless fall guy. So how long will it be before the public at large is convinced? When will the official lie be recognized as such, and the truth really told? It seems to me some deathbed confessions should be emerging one of these days. What will the history books say about 1963 in 2063?

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"A friend of mine has nearly everything you make. I really like your games but every two or three months he buys a new Fluxx deck ("old one was dusty," he says), and I think he has about 9 copies of Aquarius (OK, maybe 3). I know he has 4 sets of Chrononauts. Let's not talk about all the Icehouse pieces he owns. I really like Aquarius--decided to get my own copy of this great game. Buying the buttons for the other members of my gaming group who also love Looney Labs." -- John O of Tampa FL

Thursday, April 11, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Happy Birthday, Dad and Jake!

I find I have little to report this week... we've just been hammering away at our assorted projects, as usual. Some of it's the usual stuff, like Super-Fred and income taxes, plus there are the usual secret projects we're working on, that are of course, secret. So, instead of talking about any of that, I'll just put up some pictures of recent birthday celebrations we've been enjoying.

First up are some photos my dad took at his birthday dinner on Sunday, of me and Alison horsing around with James and Sharon, my twin niece & nephew. It's great being a zany uncle... I can play with the kids using an energy level I could never sustain for more than the duration of the visit, and then return the kids to their harried parents in an even more wired state than usual. Such fun!

This being the first family gathering since Easter, Mom also orchestrated a traditional easter egg hunt, and this time it was a proper competition between the kids and the glasses-removed nearsighted men. (To no one's surprise, the kids won.) It was a very fine day.

Meanwhile, in other birthday news, Jake turned 32 during our weekly game night, and the Other Kristin brought in a delicious chocolate cake for the occasion. Since Jake's new age looks so nice in binary (100000) she decked out his cake with numerical candles that made it look like he'd reached the ripe old age of 100,000 years! (I had great fun bringing that up over and over again, let me tell you.) Check out this wild double exposure picture I took of Jake blowing out his candles!
AndyGood luck on those taxes!

the story so far

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"We're in a different generation now. We don't want to spend time reading a 20-page rulebook. We want to learn the games fast, yes. But that doesn't mean we want them to be simple..." -- Ellen Osterhaus of Out of the Box games, during the same interview at Toy Fair '02 that featured Kristin
The only thing worse than making a mistake is continuing to make it.
"No one has to promise that people will get a fair wage, or enough food to eat, or affordable medicine, or clean water, or air free of harmful chemicals. But we all have to promise to love a rectangle of red, white, and blue cloth." -- Charlotte Aldebron, in an essay entitled "What the American Flag Stands For", which she wrote for a competition in her 6th grade English class


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