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Driving on Kenilworth Avenue. A van ahead of us has its turn signal on, for a long time now, and is just turning. I smile to myself. It reminds me of many years ago, when I and a few friends tried "following" other cars by going in front of them and waiting for their turn signals to come on.

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looby (loo'-bee) n. an awkward person, especially one who is lazy or stupid; lout; lubber

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A story around
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Maureen Marovitch and David Finch are independent film-makers in Canada who decided to make of film about themselves as they began exploring non-traditional romantic relationships. We journey alongside them during their travels across the continent, attending conferences about open-relationship lifestyles, interviewing polyamorous families, and navigating the thrills, pitfalls, and surprises of their own real-life entanglements. It's a fascinating ride, and an eye-opening glimpse into some very unusual relationships.

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I was a Teenage Ghost of Elvis's UFO Baby on a Hot Dog Diet: Enquiring Minds Want to Know

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"If you have NOT ordered Nanofictionary, please report to the principal's office immediately. This is 'Once Upon a Time' on speed. It's tied with Chrononauts for my favorite Looney game ever made. Buy more. Now. Please." -- Michael Webb, Director of Customer Service for Alliance Game Distributors, on the Game Industry Forum

Thursday, August 22, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Preparing for SuperFRED's Launch and DragonCon's Cake

Although we keep postponing the official launch, we are inching closer and closer to switching over to our new web-robot SuperFRED. Here we see our team of programmers, working late into the night once again on the project. That's our new full time intern Liam in the center, with Kristin on the left and on the right that's Dale, who now only works here on evenings and weekends (but still seems to be here working almost all the time).

I know, I know, there still isn't anything for you, my typical reader, to see of all this work. To some of you I suppose this whole SuperFRED thing might even seem like something of a myth. And when I say that this week's big achievement was getting SuperFRED to automatically generate our invoices, you might not even think it very impressive, since the result looks a lot like our old invoices. Anyway, we are making progress and hopefully it won't be too much longer before the new site launches officially and you can see for yourself how cool our new system is going to be.

Did you get your Nanofictionary postcard(s) yet? Last week, to announce the shipment to stores of our newest card game, we sent out several thousand postcards, one to every entry in our mailing lists. If you got multiple copies -- and many of you did, as we decided to err on the side of redundancy -- please enter your codes on this page here... and hey, guess what? That's SuperFRED you'll be interfacing with! In fact, it was SuperFRED who generated all those address codes, and the mailing list we sent the cards to, as well! So there, he exists.

Have you gone to your local game store to pick up a copy of our new card game Nanofictionary yet?

The other big thing that's been on our minds this week is Dragon-Con. A few weeks ago, I announced that we'd decided to try exhibiting at this big sci-fi/gaming con in Atlanta, and that we'd decided to create a new Chrononauts promo card especially for it, as part of the new print run we were about to do anyway. Ever since then, we've been worriedly wondering if the new card sheets would be ready in time (particularly after Gen-Con, when we decided to swap out the IceTowers reference card reprint we were planning with a new general-purpose Icehouse ad card). This afternoon, we got the happy news that the vital cardsheets have been printed! And just barely in time, too... apparently, the printing press broke down as it was printing our cardsheets... check out this email I just got from Susan, our customer service contact at our card printer Carta Mundi:

"The head stops on the feeder were so badly damaged it took many hours to run Chrononauts. It took twice the time to print the job with the pressmen (Fred, Jeff and Toby) basically watching it go sheet by sheet instead of at a high rate of speed. The damage to the press caused the pressmen to constantly coax and baby-sit the press to keep it going. When the last sheet was printed, the press breathed it's last breath until a repairman arrives. Karma was definitely a factor in getting Chrononauts off the press in time!"

Susan said it'll probably take them a week to fix (which would definitely have meant no cake for DragonCon) so we really got lucky on this. Anyway, assuming nothing goes wrong with the card-cutting machines (and that the package doesn't get lost in shipping) we should be able to give free German Cake to everyone who visits our booth at DragonCon. I hope to see you there! (Hopefully we'll do a better job of coordinating fan-events there than we did at Gen-Con...)

[And if you were expecting to see us this weekend at the Alliance Open House, please look for Carol Townsend, whom you'll find demoing Nanofictionary for us in our booth, and tell her "Thanks for helping out the Looneys, Carol! You rock!"]

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Thought Residue
"The stunning and overwhelming defeat of Bob Barr (R-GA) in the Georgia primaries yesterday bodes very well for those who are working towards more rational and sensible drug policies. For a drug war Zealot to be so soundly defeated may begin to send the message to the rest of Congress that supporting the drug war may result in more politicians becoming unemployed." -- DrugSense FOCUS Alert #253: "Good Riddance Bob Barr!"
Our biggest game distributor began shipping Nanofictionary at the wrong price! So if you find it for sale at only $14, please tell them it should be $17. (And if you managed to buy one at the wrong price, Alliance says "enjoy 3 extra dollars compliments of us :-)")
I see now that CBS is accepting applications for the Amazing Race 4, so even though we never received so much as a postcard back from them, I guess our AR-3 application was turned down.


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