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The Girafte

'She stared anew at the structure. "Hard to believe anybody actually could live inside there."
"It's not as bad as you think," he replied.'
- from And the Devil will Drag You Under, by Jack L. Chalker

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wapper jaw (wahp'-ur-jaw) n. a misshapen or projecting underjaw.

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Dog Park :|

Made for TV from
a series of one-liners.
Decent soundtrack, though.

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The Twilight Zone

Long ago, I declared that the Zone was my all-time favorite TV show, and on the whole, I'd still say that's true. So you'll be happy to know that the new incarnation on UPN meets with my approval. The shows have all felt quite authentically "zoney" so far (except for being in color), and while there have definitely been a few klunkers, most of the episodes I've seen have ranged from pretty good to Really Far Out. And although he's no Rod Serling, I even like the new host!

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The Free State Project


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Small Stories

Thursday, November 21, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? We're Getting THIS Close!

Several projects that have been years in the making are coming together this week. First, I'm happy to report that SuperFRED is now officially in pre-launch mode and should be open to the public in just one week! Secondly, Fluxx 3.0 is being printed even as I write this... the fronts were printed on Tuesday, the backs on Wednesday, and today they printed the boxes. And thirdly, our holiday gift for this year (which of course is a secret) is well underway and will soon be going to the printers! All of this is happening a good deal closer to the deadline than we'd hoped for, but at least it's all getting done before Thanksgiving! Whoo-hoo!

Those of you on the Rabbit or Debug mailing lists already know about the SuperFRED soft-launch, and have already gotten into the system and found lots of little things in need of tweaking, and Liam has been madly hopping about, fixing little problems as they are reported. But if this is the first you've heard of it and you'd like to help us with our final week of testing, you still can. Just contact us and we'll tell you the password you currently need to access the new site.

In an effort to get SuperFRED's databanks populated with lots of rabbit info before we open to the general public, Kristin has announced that on Thanksgiving Day, when the site opens to the public, we will give 10 rabbit points to all rabbits who have their picture and a bio about themselves up and running in the system. (This bonus will go down to 2 points after opening day.)

Once you have a few rabbit points in your account, you'll be able to use them to buy exclusive Neat Stuff we offer only in our special online store for rabbits called The Dangling Carrot. Among the fun and wacky stuff you'll find there will be these cool rabbit pens, which just arrived today!


Have you played any games today?


the story so far

Thought Residue
"On an increasingly global basis, corrupt government officials are giving away power to large corporations for their own personal gain. Human rights, the environment, public health, the economy, and democracy are all at risk." -- Maco Collins (aka the Practical Hippie), "Beyond Protesting: The Ascending 'Anti-Globalization' Movement"

"The way to deprive terrorists and other criminal gangs of sustenance is to legalize and regulate the drugs we have tried to eliminate. Instead, we keep pouring law enforcement dollars into efforts that won't put an end to drug use but will assure profits to traffickers, including people who are trying to kill us.  The drug war supports terrible things.  When our leaders persist in it, they do too." -- Steve Chapman, "The War On Drugs vs. The War On Terrorism", the Chicago Tribune, Nov 10, 2002

I enjoyed seeing what Googlism.com "knows" about me. Just now I got the following list:

  • andrew looney is going to be
  • andrew looney is many things
  • andrew looney is a genius
  • andrew looney is nearly legendary
  • andrew looney is buried next to him
  • andy looney is talking to me on the phone

"A friend of mine brought Fluxx to a party we played for HOURS. I am HOOKED! Shame on you for creating such a great game." -- Larry G. of Shelbyville IN, via email


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