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brumal (broom'-all) adj. wintery. [from Latin bruma winter, originally winter solstice, by contraction from brevima (dies) shortest (day).]

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"I previously knew you had a warped mind to create warped games with, but I hadn't realised you had so much good sense too. It's great to see someone in the US standing up for common sense. Good luck getting the US sheeple to think for themselves." -- email about Stoner Fluxx from a fan in Australia named Craig

Thursday, January 29th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? We're Snowbound!

Here's a photo of Alison's pond. You can't really see it underneath all that snow, but if you're used to looking out the window at the pond in the backyard and now see this, you can notice where the rocks that edge the pond stand out as bumps under the snow. Anyway, we were hit by several winterstorms in a row this week... I haven't left the house since Sunday night! That's the great thing about turning your house into an office building... the commute is always easy! Three of our employees, Marlene, Meg, and Margit, have all been able to get here in spite of the snow, whereas we have yet to dig out either of our cars!

Speaking of work, progress on Early American Chrononauts continues to move forward, though for those eagerly waiting for details on playtesting, you'll have to keep being patient. We're still trying to figure out exactly how playtest materials will be distributed, and to whom. I'm thinking now that there will be a couple of rounds of playtesting, so I'm sorting through all the emails I got to decide who will get to try Alpha 2.0 and who will have to wait for the Beta.

Also, everyone here has a nasty cold. It doesn't seem to be the flu, though, since no one has a fever... it's just a lot of coughing and sniffling. Plus, Alison got laryngitis -- which makes her day job difficult since she spends most of her time there answering the telephone!

Anyway, that's the news from here: it's cold and we all have colds. Here's hoping you and yours and warm and well.

Have a great week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
Fannie May Candies is going out of business! They were the manufacturers of one of my all-time favorite treats, a chocolate-caramel-pecan confection called a Pixie. Similar candies exist, but none are quite as good as genuine Pixies, so I'm deeply saddened by this loss. Perhaps, as they suggest at their website, someone will buy the company and revive the tradition.

OK, so David Kay says, "It turns out we were all wrong." There weren't any WMDs in Iraq. War supporters don't care, saying what really matters is that we got rid of an evil dictator. I'm reminded of Jimmy Stewart's character in "Rear Window," as he urged his detective friend to go look for clues in the apartment Jimmy had been spying on: "If you find something, you've got a murderer -- and they don't care anything about a couple of house rules." But detective Doyle knew better, reminding Jimmy that you can't go in without a search warrant, and that evidence obtained without one is inadmissible in court.
I hate hearing politicians who claim to embrace "family values" attempting to limit the definition of "family" to just one type of voluntary union. So what if gay couples want to call themselves married? It's not like that somehow prevents regular weddings from happening, and I certainly hope no one thinks that outlawing gay weddings will turn homosexuals into straights. So how exactly do gay weddings threaten traditional ones?


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