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"It's highly addictive... Those of you who haven't played it might want to look into it. It's ten times better than Uno or any other card game I've ever played." -- JPM III explaining Fluxx on the alt.movies.the-matrix newsgroup, 2/14/04

Thursday, March 11th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Everything's Breaking, But Alison's Here

Did you ever have one of those weeks, you know, when everything seems to break down at the same time? That's the kind of week we've been having here... our phones went dead, the dryer stopped working, and the kitchen sink backed up so it caused a small rainstorm in the laundry room below. Even a flashlight bulb blew just when we needed it. (Alison fixed the plumbing, but the phones are still flaky and we need to buy a new dryer.)

However, while it's been a drag dealing with all of that, things are otherwise going really well. Alison became our 4th full-time employee this week, ramping up from the part-time role she's long been filling, and saying farewell her co-workers at Wood's Flowers & Gifts. (After her last day there, Woods' delivered a dozen of her favorites, attaché roses, to her here at her new day job. Wasn't that nice of them! They're sure gonna miss her, but their loss is our gain.)

Alison's already adding to our productivity... she put up 3 new products yesterday! But being here full-time now means we needed to give her a better desk than that spot in the library where she's had her computer until now. Although our house is already amazingly full, Alison found a spot for a new small desk, in the living room, behind the couch. And since we have an IKEA right around the corner now, it didn't take long for us to choose and install a perfectly sized new desk!

We're also frantically getting ready for the GAMA Trade Show, next week in Vegas. (Which reminds me: this page will not be updated next week!) Also, playtesting and production of Early American Chrononauts continues to be both exciting and time-consuming. It's definitely coming together nicely, but there's still a great deal for me to accomplish before April 30th. (That's the day when, assuming the final art is on the way to the printer, I'll be leaving the country to spend a month living in Amsterdam.)

One final note: although it's become something of a local landmark, we've decided to get rid of the giant gumball machine that's been adorning our front porch for the last 7 or 8 years. Anybody want it? Act fast, the trashmen will be hauling it away soon...

AndyHave an excellent week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"He's too confident to consult a map. He's too strong to heed warnings and too steady to turn the wheel when the road bends. He's too certain to admit error, even after plowing through ditches and telephone poles. He's too preoccupied with principle to understand that principle isn't enough. Watching the stars instead of the road, he has wrecked the budget and the war on terror. Now he's heading for the Constitution. It's time to pull him over and take away the keys." -- William Saletan, "Confidence Man"

"There is an important distinction between the Democratic presidential candidates not mentioned... The Bush Justice Department has conducted a series of raids that have terrorized medical marijuana patients and caregivers throughout California.  Sen.  John Edwards of North Carolina has said it would be 'irresponsible' to end these raids, apparently seeing no problem with Drug Enforcement Administration agents pointing automatic rifles at sick and dying people. Sen.  John Kerry of Massachusetts has pledged to end the raids, and at least indicated an open mind toward changing federal law to permit medical use of marijuana -- not as strong a stand as some of us might like, but a vast improvement over the policies of George W.  Bush, or of President Clinton before him." -- Bruce Mirken, Director of Communications, Marijuana Policy Project
"Is that just a custom bag, or are you actually Andy Looney?" -- question I was asked by a complete stranger who noticed my Looney Games bag in the UofMD Student Union building, 3/4/4


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