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tyro (tie'-roh) n. a beginner in learning, a novice. [from Latin tiro "young soldier, tyro".]
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An exhausting film
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Sorry Everybody

"Each time I've played Zendo it stayed on the table until everybody decided to go home. It's quite addictive. I've played a few other Icehouse games, but until recently I had not played Homeworlds. Since the time before I even bought my pieces, I had read the rules to many of the games, and this is the Icehouse game in which I've been most interested to play. Even after buying the pieces, I still hadn't gotten around to trying it until last Friday when I tried it with three other folks that I play games with regularly. All I have to say is wow! This is a really great game... We all agreed that this game is good enough that if it was a regular packaged game, we would consider it worth purchasing." -- Joss Ives, Gamefest Guest Blogger

Thursday, November 25th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

If you want something from our online store before Christmas, we need your order no later than Monday, December 20th!

What's Going On? A Package From Amy's Class

We got a really cool package in the mail this week. It was sent to us by Amy LoCurto, a wonderful rabbit we got to know at Origins and Dragon*Con this year, who is also a schoolteacher. She used Nanofictionary as the basis for a creative project with teams of 2nd and 8th graders, who made up little stories using Nanofictionary cards, then creating illustrations for their stories. And since Amy knows us and knew we'd get a kick of out of this, she gathering up all these stories, bound them together into a booklet which all the kids signed for us, and popped it into the mail! What a treat! Thanks Amy! Please pass our thanks along to the kids!

We all really enjoyed reading the stories and looking at the pictures, and I wish I could post more of them here (maybe someday we will) but for now, I'll share with you our unanimous favorite, written by Megan, Alessandra, and Lauren:

The mischievous children had a little black cat! They lived on a remote tropical island. There was a terrible storm. When the storm ended they started to hear strange noises. They couldn't figure out what the strange noises were, so they went on with their humdrum lives. They found out after the island burned to the ground that the sounds were from a UFO. THE END

Isn't that great?

I love the way the mischievous children are hiding behind the palm tree!

Anyway, here's hoping you're having a great National Games Week, and a Happy Thanks-Indians Weekend. As for what I'm thankful for this year, I'm still feeling pretty glad that the 3 of us didn't die in that recent car crash...

As for what I myself have been playing during this first official National Games Week, it's mostly been Binary Homeworlds, Texas Hold 'em with Pyramids, and Secret Project JD-59. So far, I've only played 1 of the 6 games under review in the 2nd Ice Games Competition, but I have printouts of the rules for all of the others and I plan to try out the rest of them this weekend. What games will you be playing?

AndyHappy National Games Week!

Have fun!

Thought Residue
I hate secrets. Secrets are basically lies. When you're keeping a secret, you are being dishonest about your knowledge. If asked about the subject, you must deny what you know, which is bearing false witness, i.e. lying. I particularly hate it when the government keeps secrets. If the government knows something, I think we all have the right to know it. Governments should not be dishonest, which is what keeping secrets forces you to become.

I also hate surprises. I'm very much an "ordered-thinker," so I hate disruptions in my plans, however trivial or mundane those plans might seem. Surprises are usually interruptions, and I hate interruptions. Even if suprises are enjoyable, I can be irked by them. About the only times I can think of when I actually enjoy surprises are during movies and when opening a gift, i.e. at times when I'm expecting a surprise. I certainly would never want a surprise party... I'd try to be a good sport about it, of course, but I really prefer knowing about upcoming events, so that I can be fully prepared to enjoy them, rather than being surprised.
I got email this week from a guy I used to work with at NASA who, like me, married a girl he met there, and he says Diet Coke is fizzier (so much so he can tell just by looking at it!) which probably accounts (somehow) for the faster melting phenomena I observed a couple of weeks ago.



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