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Honesty Begins at Home

"You are so grounded," announced Tracy's mom as Tracy walked in, at 2 minutes before curfew. "Why?" Mom held up the baggie of marijuana, discovered in Tracy's underwear drawer. "How can you ground me after what you did at Woodstock?" "Because you didn't tell me," Mom said, rolling a joint, "and because you didn't share."

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Specter of Evil


Me to Izolda: "The Looneys have no water."
Andy Looney (on phone): "And a house -"
Me to Andy: "hold on a second."
Andy: "...was condemned!"

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throwster (throw'-stir) n. one who throws textile filaments

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The Green Mile :-|

High discomfort may
be occasionally eased
with karmic relief.
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The Langoliers

Ten airline passengers awake to find that everyone else on the plane has vanished. They land at a deserted airport, where time seems to stand still, food has no flavor, and there's a horrible grinding noise in the distance. It's based on a Stephen King story, but to me it was more like a couple of Twilight Zone episodes I can think of, mashed together and expanded into a 2-part made-for-TV movie. (For you Zone experts out there, I'm speaking of "The Odyssey of Flight 33" and "A Matter of Minutes", along with a dash of "Where is Everybody?").

Tirade's Choice

Bring Up The Subject
Fruits of Chaos
Snow Auction
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Unlike Minerva

Thursday, February 3, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Flooding / The Fluxx Boxx

On Thursday, a chap came out to the house to service our heating system. He was a nice enough fellow, but he screwed up majorly, leaving a valve open that caused warm water to drain out of the heater, flooding one of our most comfortable lounging spots, a room we call the Bridge. (Not only that, his cologne gave Kristin a migraine). This resulted in a lot of hassle and swearing, but fortunately I discovered the situation relatively early, and everything cleaned up and dried up just fine.

Just a couple of days later, this flooding incident seemed trivial. On Sunday, just as the next big winter storm was gearing up to strike, a water main broke, right near where we live. The streets were quickly filled with muddy water, and apparently the house closest to Ground Zero flooded so quickly that the foundation shifted, immediately destabilizing the entire structure. The house was promptly condemned. Since it was just a couple of blocks away, we took a walk in the wintery mix to check it out for ourselves, and sure enough, there They were already boarding up the windows. It was both sad and scary. Sad because it was the Firewood Guy (everyone in the neighborhood knew the victim as the guy who sold firewood from his big corner lot) and scary, of course, because it could have been us. I feel like we're all afloat in a dangerous ocean, and a nearby ship just hit an iceberg and sank.

The water main damage impacted the entire neighborhood in various ways. We were without water for most of a day, while houses closer to Ground Zero had to go without water (other than that which flooded their basements) for much longer. Moreover, the major road through our sector has been closed all week, since repair crews had to dig a huge hole in the street in order to make repairs. (I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it, when the guts of the earth were exposed... but we've been super busy as usual. Toy Fair looms and we still have much preparing to do.)

Last week I announced our decision to reclaim the publishing rights to Fluxx, and said we were thinking about changing the box style in the process. Well, guess what, we've already changed our minds about that. Around Tuesday, the combination of negative feedback and our own misgivings caused us to reconsider the idea, and by the end of the meeting we'd decided not to fix what ain't broken. (We felt like this was definitely the right decision later in the day, when the message in Kristin's fortune cookie said "All decisions you make today will be most fortunate.")

Response to the idea of a Fluxx expansion, however, has been great. There's an active discussion going on right now on the Fluxx mailing list, regarding ideas for cards to include in Fluxx++; if you're a Fluxx fan and you aren't on the mailing list, you ought to sign up and join in the debate!

AndyLet freedom grow,

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Thought Residue

The York Buttercream Patty. It'd be just like a Peppermint Patty except with a gold wrapper, a milk chocolate coating, and a vanilla buttercream filling. Of course, it should taste like my favorite selection from the box of assorted chocolates; and while the Peppermint Patty's catchphrase is "Taste the Sensation," the Buttercream Patty, being non-low-fat, would probably have a slogan more like "Enjoy the Indulgence."

Man, System 9 sucks! I don't like the new "features", the ones I keep wishing for never show up (why can't I undo a cleanup of the desktop?), and worst of all, it's as buggy and crash-prone as a speeding car with a hornet's nest under the seat! Does anyone have a System 8 install disk we can borrow?
"I hung around with those guys for seven or eight months before I put them all away." -- quote accompanying a pair of green platform shoes worn in the seventies by an undercover narc, now on display at the DEA Museum and Visitor Center

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