The Time Travel Sweepstakes

You could someday be a winner!

Grand Prize: A trip through time to any point in history you choose!

Official Rules: Prize will be awarded at an undisclosed point in the future (after practical time travel is invented). The winner will be determined after some sort of voting procedure is used to decide whose entry is the most deserving. Individuals may enter more than once; however, boring and/or overly numerous entries will be rejected by our panel of non-impartial judges. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. Let the buyer beware. Carry no wooden nickels. And so on.

We're sorry, but we are temporarily unable to accept new entries. Stay tuned, as this situation will eventually be remedied.

1999 Roster of Future Time Travelers

2000 Roster of Future Time Travelers

Or you can become a Time Traveler the easy way: with Chrononauts, the card game of time travel!

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