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2000 Roster of Future Time Travelers

Timothy Rose one day

On July 16, 1981, singer Harry Chapin was killed in an auto accident on the Long Island Expressway, while on his way to perform a benefit concert. Best known for the song "Cat's in the Cradle", Harry was a tireless performer and humanitarian. Harry performed over 300 concerts per year, with about half of them being benefits for various charitable causes. I'd love to go back in time, and prevent the fateful crash that took him from us. The world would be a far different place, with both Harry's music and his passion for change still here... because not only did Harry matter, but every person he touched changed for the better. As he said in one of his songs:

"Well, if a man tried
to take his time on earth,
and show before he died
what one man's life could be worth.
Well, I wonder what would happen to this world..."

Doing it with time travel would be easy... change the world where you are NOW is the challenge. Harry convinced everyone they could do that.

July 16, 1981 change stuff
Long Island Expressway  

Marcus Morgan one day

Well, it has to be one day, as this is one trip where you wouldn't want to miss the flight home!

I'd like to walk the streets of a civilisation that defined our world in its day (and some would say this one too) and enjoy a sunny afternoon in the market. Eat honey fried mice and drink wine from clay amphora.

And then, and then... visit my favourites with the occupants of the tour bus when I return to the present day. And smile quietly when the guide discusses the grafitti that everyone knows is a hoax, just because it's signed Naughtius Maximus.

Pompeii just visiting
AD 44 (The day before the eruption)  

Matthew Wiser one day I'd introduce superstrings to Einstein, giving him the key to create the Grand Unified Theory. If he can't, I'd still get to meet him, so either way I win.
1950's change stuff

Ross Andrews one day Imagine the look on Neil's face.....
July 20th, 1969 change stuff
Tranquility Base, Luna  

JonnyX one day I wish to go see Mazzazaka, the granary worker. Why? Well, he was the man who first brewed beer! I have to have a taste of the first homebrew ever invented! Well, then afterwards, I want to say to him "oh, I can brew better than that..." :)
Early Summer, 3140 B.C. just visiting
Akkad, Sumeria, Kingdom of Babylonia  

John Daley one day

This actually is one time trip, but I plan on using the Weyland-Yutani AH-2 Sidereal Displacement Device to quickly jump me to 3 additional locations, each for a few seconds temporally. The second and third jumps would have to be specially programmed in advance; the timejumps themselves would only last about 15 seconds each.

First Jump: North Shore of Oahu, Opana Point Radar Station. Somehow convince radar operator that those specks on his screens are Japanese planes, not B-17 bombers. Make sure that WHEN he phones it in, the jerkoff on the end of the phone will actually report it properly.

Second Jump: Control Tower, Hickam Field. Sound General Quarters alarm.

Third Jump: Bridge, U.S.S. Arizona.
Sound General Quarters alarm.

Fourth Jump: Oil Storage Tanks near CINCPAC H.Q., Pearl Harbor. At this point, my meddling is done, but I want a safe vantage point to watch the Americans defend least this time we're gonna have a fighting chance!

December 7th, 1941 7:02 am local time change stuff
4 places, all centered around the Island of Oahu, Hawaii  

Brett one day Well, I know it doesn't have a big Promo value, but I'd love to see Jesus in the crib. You know, see if there were really 3 wise men, check for the halo, rap with the little drummer boy, that sort of thing.
1 AD just visiting

Shannon one day

I really want to know the power Rasputin had over the Tsarina. How did he stop the young Alexei's bleeding?

Tempting as it is to want to debunk Rasputin and counsel Nicholas about the upcoming war and how his decisions would lead to the fall of his dynasty, the things that came of that debacle have been invaluable to science. Besides, the Olympics were better when it was US v. USSR.

c. 1910 - 1915 just visiting
Tsarist Russia with the Romanov family  

Mike Czaplinski one day

I'd go back in time to walk my friend Joanne Hankemer home from her job. She was murdered during said walk home by an assailant who has never been caught, and with any luck my presence would keep her alive and let her continue to fulfill her potential.

<*Naturally, I'd bring a .357 Colt Python, just in case the SOB wasn't deterred by my presence.....*>

December 10, 1988 change stuff
Atlanta, GA  

Steven Hykes one day This event starts the game Chrononauts - Lincoln's Assaination by John Wilkes Booth. I figure I'll start a real game of Crononauts off by playing a prevent assination card and seeing what holes errupt from the ripple points! [Next player's turn]
April 14, 1865 change stuff
Ford's Theater  

Bill Barksdale one day Ask Benjamin Franklin to switch his designations of "positive" and "negative" to make electricity a lot easier to understand.
Around 1750 change stuff
Philadelphia, PA  

Phil Chapman one way I was born in 1982. I've been interested with the 50's and 60's and would like to see what it was like to live then.
1955 just visiting
Cleveland, OH  

rick weinzen one day wish to see town in 1969.
june-1969 just visiting

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