How to convert a regular Chrononauts deck into a prototype EAC deck

People often ask about our process, how we go from idea to finished game, and more specifically, how we make prototype cards. So here's an inside look at the work involved in making a prototype of our newest game-in-development, Early American Chrononauts.

You will need:

  • 1 set of prototype EAC card images printed onto 16 full-sized sheets of sticker paper
  • 1 classic Chrononauts deck, used
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • a little more than 2 hours

Full-size sticker sheets (Avery 5265 or 5165) are vital to our way of life. For the beta-test we're about to do, we'll be sending out pre-printed sticker sheets using this stuff, but if you're interested in game prototyping and you don't know about these, you really ought to check them out.

Using the scissors, cut out each of the card stickers. (Cat perched on knee is optional.)

 I put 9 cards onto each sheet. Each one must of course be cut out separately.

Tip: Apply all stickers UPSIDE DOWN. Since the sticker paper is a little bit see through, I've found it best to apply them upside down, so that whatever does show through will look as meaningless as possible.

Convert the original Chrononauts deck into an Early American Prototype by applying the stickers to the older cards. Set aside the following 28 cards... these are the only ones that won't be covered with stickers, since they'll be used in the new game exactly as the appear in the original:

  • Reverse Fate ( 9 )
  • Restore History ( 1 )
  • Memo from your Future Self ( 2 )
  • Quick Trip to the Future ( 2 )
  • Fast Forward ( 2 )
  • Rewind ( 4 )
  • Get There First ( 4 )
  • Discontinuity ( 2 )
  • Time Vortex ( 1 )
  • It Never Existed ( 1 )
  • Your Parents Never Met ( 1 )

Afterwards, you will have a playable prototype and a messy pile of sticker scraps!

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