The Looney Labs "Help Wanted" page

Below are the job opportunities we currently have available, as of June 16th, 2005

Please Contact Us if you wish to apply for one of these jobs:

Andy Looney's Packing Assistant

The Looneys are slowly preparing to move out of and sell their house. Since they're pack-rats who've been living in the same house for 15 years, they have a lot of stuff to sort through and deal with. Andy Looney's Packing Assistant will spend 20 hours a week this summer, helping Andy sort, inventory, and pack the contents of Wunderland.Earth.

Timeframe & Work Hours: Preparations for Origins are now pushing all packing efforts onto the back burner, so this job won't be able to really get started until early or mid-July. As for ending, it can stop in September if you need to go back to school, but the task will continue until the packing is complete. As for the hours, Andy can be very flexible, but his preference would be for the packing assistant to work several full days rather than a full week of short ones, and for those days to be early in the week, ideally Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday, from around noon to 7pm each day.

For a longer description of this position, please see Andy's web article for 5/19/5.

Public Relations Summer Intern

Do you love playing card games? Are you able to work independently and creatively? Do you want to learn from a seasoned PR professional? If so, you will love spending your summer with the folks at Looney Labs, one of the nation's up-and-coming parlor game publishers, helping to promote their hit card game Fluxx. The game is in stores all over the country (it has sold over 200,000 copies) and the company is looking for a PR push for a new edition of the game which is coming out for this holiday season. This intern will work both with the Looney family and their small staff of employees, and with their fan base known as The Mad Lab Rabbits - all with remote supervision and guidance from Ann Higgins, a leading New York area public relations professional with over 20 years experience.

The intern will take an active role in developing the company's press kit, assisting in the creation and execution of national promotional events and will work directly with reporters and editors across the country. If this intern is already a fan of Looney Labs games, and an avid reader of, it may be less important - but ideally this intern will be able to spend some time face to face with the Looney's either at the company headquarters, in College Park MD, or at one of the trade shows this summer - but most of the work can and will be done remotely.

This is an internship, intended for a student who is studying Public Relations. Some expenses may be reimbersed (and lots of free games can be expected) but it is not a paid postion. Since the opportunity to work with a seasoned professional like Ann is a big part of the value this opportunity will bring to this intern, please review both her professional bio and her Rabbit bio.

Please spend some time exploring the archives of our webzine to learn something about us, and send us your resume if you think this internship is perfect for you.

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