The Booth at Big Experiment #7

Last year we tried the experiment of not having a booth at all, simply running our events in the Lab and setting up 5 different vendors in the Exhibit Hall with our products. We learned from that experiment that we liked not running our own cash register, but that we missed having an official demo area in the exhibit hall to call our own.

So this year, we tried a different experiment, and it seemed a lot more successful. This year we partnered with just one other company: Paizo Publishing. While they have their own line of products, they also represent other companies, including our official Arch-Rival, Cheapass Games. So it felt very natural to have our booth within their booth, with our products for sale at their cashier counter:

With our games for sale right next door, we were able to use all of the space and energy in our 10'x10' corner of the exhibit hall for simply teaching people to play our games, and it was excellent. As you can see, we had a tall round table up front for constant Treehouse games and chairs around a bigger table in the back where people could try whichever of our games that they wanted.

Here's a quote from Diane Sudduth's Origins Rabbit Report, which helps to capture the mood in our demo corner: "Saturday was my first session down in the booth and WOW does that place HOP!!! Robin was out shilling in the aisles and my Treehouse table was NEVER empty!! Not only that, but the table was large enough that I was almost constantly playing two simultaneous games. Often with large enough groups of people that we had to play several games so they could all get their Fruit Tree, I'd get one group up-to-speed on the rules, then play them multiple games while bringing a 2nd group up-to-speed on the other half of the table. All the groups were great!! I have to say that it was an EXHAUSTING couple of hours down there. TONS of fun but I've no idea how those of you who were there All The Time held up. 2 hours was about my limit!" (Di had a lot more to say in her report about how much fun she had helping us out this year, including the quote that became last week's Testimonial of the Week.)

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