The Trees at Big Experiment #7

To celebrate the release of our newest game Treehouse, the theme this year was Trees!

As usual, we made a new set of Fluxx promo cards for this year's convention season. (You could get them in our Booth, or in the Lab, or even out in the Hallway!)

To get the Forest Goal, you needed only ask for one at the Booth. Rabbits were giving them out free everywhere. But to get the extra Tree Keepers that make the Forest complete, you needed to play Treehouse with our Rabbits!

We made 3 kinds of Trees: Pine Trees, Fruit Trees, and Palm Trees. Each official Treehouse Rabbit was issued a large button showing which Tree they were (notice for example that Robin was a Palm Tree) and if you saw a Rabbit wearing a Tree you could ask them to play Treehouse with you, and if you won you'd get the Tree they were giving out!

Since Treehouse is such a fast and easy game to learn, it wasn't as hard to get the full set as this might sound like it would have been. It's true there were times when people had trouble winning all the cards, but we encouraged our Rabbits to bend the rules when people had difficulties in winning. Best of all, since Treehouse is so much fun, our Rabbits didn't mind playing it over and over again for 4 days straight! (Thanks again Treeouse Rabbits! You-all rock!)

Of course the Trees are great fun because they're are lots of ways to play with them. The basic way is to put the 3 new Trees plus the Forest into any regular Fluxx deck, but the Trees also work with EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx, both of which sport Trees of their own, making even bigger Forests possible. (Notice that the art on the Forest features not just the Pine, Fruit, and Palm Trees, but also the Trees from EcoFluxx and The Tree from Family Fluxx.) And while it doesn't say so explicitly on the cards, the new Trees count as the other Trees when mixing the Trees and Forest in with Eco & Family Fluxx.

For those of you who weren't at Origins, your next chance to get the Trees will be at GenCon, where we'll be doing a lot of this same stuff again. After that, they'll be for sale in the Promo Card Department of our Online Shopping Center.

Another Tree Thing we did was to help Alison install the really cool really big tie-dyed tree she made last March for the debut of Treehouse at the GAMA Trade Show. Even though the space here was taller and narrower, Alison was clever and she designed her tree to be flexible enough to be adjusted perfectly for the new location. The tree hung down by the stairs up to the room where the Big Experiment was being held (known as the Lab) and it definitely got us a lot of attention!

Even Petra got into the woodsy theme! Every year she makes a special new tiara for Origins, always featuring Icehouse pieces, and this year she built a little forest up there, with trees made from inverted green pyramids, complete with little birds and tiny fruits!

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