Super Nova

Super Nova, designed by Chort, is a very cool space conquest card game. It's vaguely similar to a strategy board game, like Diplomacy or Advanced Civilization, except that it's played with cards and has a science fiction theme.

Super Nova is a good game that unfortunately came out in the wrong format at the wrong time. The game was first published by Heartbreaker Hobbies in the "Collectible Card Game" format which dominated the game industry in the wake of the success of Magic: The Gathering; but like many games that came out during that phase, it isn't really well suited for the trading card game format. Also, it was released when the market was already flooded with CCGs and didn't care about new ones. Consquently, Super Nova never really got the attention it deserved.

When Heartbreaker decided to give up on the game, Chort managed to aquire all the leftover cards. He has repackaged them in the format it should have been published in originally: A full set of the cards, in a box, with instructions. Buy it!

Event Horizon, the first expansion set for Super Nova, is also available!

For more information about the game, check out the Official Super Nova site!