The Control Center

You are in the Control Center. This chamber is at the very heart of Andrew Looney's psyche, and it is stuffed to overflowing with monitor screens, control mechanisms, and status indicators. It looks rather like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, particularly because of the large viewscreen which is used to display the data transmitted to the brain by Andy's eyes. All such sensory inputs are processed here, after which commands are sent, via the Central Nervous System, to other parts of the body. As for thoughts, they travel between the Control Center and the other parts of Andy's brain via a series of large round tunnels. You can see many such tunnels in this room; on the wall above each tunnel portal is a small bronze plaque, indicating where that tunnel goes.

As you gaze around the Control Center, you notice lots of little round gauges with labels like "Love", "Anger", "Hunger", "Exhaustion", "Pain", "Lust", and so on. Beneath the "Hunger" dial you see several smaller indicators grouped under the heading "Cravings", with labels like "Chocolate," "Caffeine," etc. Next to the "Pain" gauge, you see a large map of Andy's body, upon which the specific locations of pain are shown whenever the brain receives pain messages. Perched on top of the instrument panel, right above the "Love" gauge, is a framed picture of Kristin.

Kristin is leaning back on a chair, keeping a watchful eye on the "Happy" gauge. Next to her is a fax machine with a sign over it that says "The Brainlink."

From here you can go to the Left Brain Nucleus, the Right Brain Nucleus, the Id, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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